Feminism as a misogynist ideology

Feminism and Marxism are twin brothers. No, not twins, but twins. And not brothers, but sisters. The first resemblance, immediately apparent, is the monstrous violence against the language that these ideologies commit.

The Bolsheviks who came to power in 1917 disfigured Russian by wild abbreviations and neologisms. The Western-winning multiculturalism, of which the feminist discourse is an organic part, disfigures modern European languages. Language is what the soul of the people lives in and what dwells in ... The language is conservative by its very nature. The hatred of feminists and Marxists (for political sake it is better to say: feminists and Marxists) to the language is not accidental. A conservative language, an oppressor language, a sexist language must be defeated!

The second similarity is even more obvious. Not a single tolitalitarian ideology can do without the image of the enemy and the postulation of the initial, eternal social hatred and enmity. Just as the Marxists invented “exploiters” and “capitalist exploitation”, the ideologists (ideologues) of feminism invented “patriarchal society”, “discrimination” and “sexism”.

Feminism is not just a disease, a social affliction. This is a monstrous cancer tumor spreading through the world, the victims of which are, above all, women themselves. Or rather, what makes women women is femininity. Contrary to what experts say in the field of "gender" research, "femininity" is not an invention of patriarchal culture. She is not anyone's invention. As well as masculinity. As well as everything else that makes a man a man and keeps him in being.

Modern conservatism is intended to:
- protect workers from the Marxist (neo-Marxist) ideology of hatred and enmity that threatens them!
- protect women from feminism-destructive femininity!
- protect native nature from the green-blue ideology of "ecologism"!
But the main mission of conservatism in another is to protect the native language from ideological violence and dictate.

Ilya Dyomin

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