French Nationalist Party: Macron's Autism Created the Yellow Vests Revolutionary Movement Against the System

The riot of "Yellow vests" that broke out in France after the coming in power of the cute pet of old women and Negroes Emmanuel Macron, aroused serious curiosity - what forces are behind the insurgency? They assumed both the hand of the Kremlin and the work of Steve Bannon. We asked for clarification from the French themselves. The general secretary of the French Nationalist Party (Parti nationaliste français) Andre Gandillon kindly told the author of VESPA magazine Igor Sivtsevsky how the “yellow-squares” emerged, who these people are, and what the movement that has become the most powerful in Europe in recent years has developed.

Andre Gandiyon

Why did such a powerful protest movement arise in France?

To answer this question, you need to tell a little about how France lives. In Western Europe, and especially in France, the wind of crisis and decline has been blowing for years on 40. The policy of a strong euro has led to the complete disappearance of the structural sub-sectors of industry. At the same time, the territorial balance of the country is deteriorating, which is reflected in the de-population of rural areas, relocation to cities that are increasingly stretched and whose suburbs are becoming more and more distant from the city center. Against this background, government management and bureaucratic structures are multiplying, including in the regions. Paradoxically, the countryside suffers from the removal of infrastructure — for example, post offices or railway lines. French provinces are essentially abandoned to their fate. In short, the state has become a parasite. There is a creation of new expensive management structures, the union of municipalities, the hiring of new, highly paid officials. This disgrace, which deals with the government, led to unbearably high taxation along with an increase in taxes. In such conditions, live the French, driven and suffering from the system, therefore inevitably spark sparked a social explosion. Patience overflowed energy reform, associated with the transition to renewable energy sources. At the same time, the reform is based not on an evidence-based scientific basis, but on the dogmatism of ecologists. It led to a rapid increase in various taxes and the multiplication of various kinds of bureaucrats. For example, if the owner wants to sell his house, then he needs to go through mandatory paid inspections of the building for the presence of lead and asbestos, for the condition of water and drain pipes, and the like.

What kind of people put on yellow vests? A general portrait of the protesters can be drawn?

This rebellion concerns only the French. Immigrants, even those who have taken citizenship, do not participate in it. The poor take part in speeches very little. So the vest was put on by a Frenchman belonging to the middle class. In fact, the uprising began in the summer of 2018, when the government reduced the permitted speed on roads from 90 to 80 kilometers per hour, while strengthening control over its excess. After that, the drivers very quickly broke down the stationary speed cameras, which stand on the edge of the roads, while not always in emergency places. Currently, half of these cameras are not working. A gendarmerie closes his eyes to this. In short, the police are slowly sabotaging orders. This fact is indicative: high-ranking police and gendarmerie officers had to call their subordinates to order and try to close ranks. For mode this is an alarm. In general, law enforcement is supported less and less by tightening the screws in the law, because they see how at the same time suburbs inhabited by Muslims perfectly live, completely outside the control of the state and the police, where the Sharia law is in fact valid.

Do Yellow Jackets push slogans against Muslim dominance?

Since Yellow Jackets fear that they will be recorded as racists, they shy away from loudly reporting this problem. But when we talk to them, this topic immediately pops up. The recently signed United Nations pact on global migration by Macron in Marrakesh only exacerbates this concern.

How big is the support movement in French society?

Today, France is divided into two unequal parts: on the one hand, the majority of French people whose standard of living does not rise or even fall, and on the other, a minority of 15-20%, which benefits from globalization and who do not care about the rest of the people. The French people are no longer heard, and he has already gained confidence in the betrayal of his interests and that the simple French are now second-rate people. Therefore, the French are now demanding the introduction of referendums on popular initiatives, as is the case in Switzerland. However, the political elite does not want this. Therefore, anger has accumulated over the years.

How much did Macron’s rise to power influence the mood of the French?

President Emmanuel Macron came to power in a sick society, and the disease is getting worse. He behaves arrogantly, with disdain for the interests of the French, and this, of course, does not please the people. No wonder hatred for him grows. It should also be borne in mind that Macron received weak electoral support - only 25% of registered voters voted for him! He did not have real legitimacy, and now there is no trust of citizens.

What moods prevail in society today?

If you talk to people, then you can hear the words of anger, hatred of politicians, of parties. People believe that politicians have betrayed him, and some people even talk about the murder of politicians! I have never heard such comments. The Yellow Vests movement, which was born to abolish gasoline and diesel taxes, is growing, as the government has long ignored these demands. Accordingly, the protesters developed political thinking and the movement acquired a revolutionary character.

How did the concessions made by Macron affect attitudes in society?

Macron's autism, which was barely elected in 2017 and cannot understand the nature of the “Yellow vests” born on social networks, led to the agitation against taxes growing in motion, rejecting the system itself. The measures stated by Makron to calm the people are a bait that the French have not bought. We are talking about a temporary delay in the introduction of taxes, in addition, the consequences of such a delay will be an increase in the budget deficit and damage to the economy. As a result, the Yellow Vests can breathe a little, but they will not run out despite the aspirations of the government. I repeat, the revolutionary movement began. At the moment, it is in a phase of rebellion. It is not structured. However, when a structured revolutionary minority appears, the existing regime will collapse sooner or later. After all, the problems have not disappeared - the next inevitable financial crisis will most likely lead to a very chaotic situation.

Did the French nationalists put on yellow vests and did they participate in the protests?

Of course, we hold demonstrations against the government, but nationalists do not take part in the destruction and plunder. The rioters and hooligans are leftists who adjoin the demonstration and, next to it, break everything, engage in vandalism. In addition, on December 8 in Paris, the left also supported ethnic groups in the suburbs. Of course, it is possible or even likely that some group of mobsters is trying to impersonate this movement.

Who is behind this movement? This could be the famous American political consultant Steve Bannon, who helped Trump to come to power, worked as his chief strategist, and then founded the movement in Brussels?

Currently, there are no Steve Bannon or some such player behind the Yellow Vests. The movement consists of members of groups in social networks. In addition, he lacks strong support from the main political parties, he is supported only by the extreme leftist party of Jean-Luc Melanshon, the right-wing National Association party, Marine Le Pen, as well as trade unions.

What is the tactic of the French nationalists in a country overwhelmed with the "Yellow vests"?

It is worth noting that our program, which we have long developed, corresponds to what the French feel and demand. We have a lot of work to increase our fame. It is necessary to show that we are not the bandits with whom the regime is trying to present us in order to discredit. France must restore itself. In this case, the restoration should be carried out in fidelity to the thousand-year tradition of the country. It's all. But this is a great job.

Igor Sivtsevsky

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