Lenin and left liberals

95 died V.I. Lenin years ago. His intellectual heritage influences Russian reality and certain political forces. It is especially important to consider the influence of Lenin's ideas on the Russian left liberals.

To do this, look at the major leaders of the Russian left liberalism. Let us begin with the analysis of the transfer of the “Tectonic shift” of 2010 on the Echo of Moscow with the participation of the President of the Foundation “Liberal Mission” EG Yasin. The name of the program spoke for itself- "Revolutionaries and patriots: who hurts the empire more painfully."

E. G. Yasin

EG Yasin correctly speaks of negative trends in the development of Russia under Emperor Alexander III, including anti-Semitism. And right there in the number of minuses he attributes the following: “A special place in the work of Alexander III was occupied by the line on Russification. The slogan "Russia for the Russians" appeared then. The task was to strengthen the empire, to prevent the growth of separatism. For this, in the Baltic provinces, for example, Russian judicial statutes were introduced, German schools were transformed into Russian with instruction in Russian, the city of Dorpat was renamed Yuriev (now Tartu). In the center of Catholic Warsaw, they built a huge Orthodox church of St. Alexander Nevsky, it was demolished in the 1920 year. ”[1] Since history is a policy overturned into the past, Yasin’s position is simple: you give sovereignty and independence to national margins. The fact that the Baltic was for many years a German reserve where the rights of Russians were infringed on, Mr. Yasin modestly silent, as well as on the liberties of the Kingdom of Poland. “Because in my opinion this empire is an association under the domination of a certain one people of many nations. And with the use of violence. In one form or another. The threat of violence and so on. If you start talking about such things in such a populous house, this is the same as talking about hanging the rope in the house of the hanged man. ”[2]

And here the president of the “Liberal Mission” clearly expressed his opinion on the empire. The problem is that the political equality of peoples in one country leads to the disintegration of the state. Who said such things before? “We are full of national pride, and that’s why we especially hate our slave past (when landlords nobles led the peasants to the war to stifle the freedom of Hungary, Poland, Persia, China) and their slave present, when the same landowners promoted by capitalists lead us to war ”to stifle Poland and Ukraine, to crush the democratic movement in Persia and in China, in order to strengthen the gang of the Romanovs, Bobrinsky, Purishkevichi, which disgrace our great Russian national dignity. No one is guilty of being born a slave; but a slave who not only is a stranger to aspirations for his freedom, but justifies and embellishes his slavery (for example, calls the strangulation of Poland, Ukraine, etc., the “defense of the fatherland” of the Great Russians), such a slave is causing legitimate feelings of indignation, contempt and loathing lackey and ham. "[3] This is a quotation from the article “On the national pride of the Great Russians” of V.I. Lenin 1914.

V.I. Lenin

It is clear that the former member of the CPSU strictly follows Leninist principles. The other guest of the program, historian O. V. Budnitsky, is also interesting. “It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the 20 century there were especially so many foreigners among the revolutionaries. But above all, the Poles were considered the main enemy, because Poland was a state there, and the state was not. And the Poles wanted to recreate this state. Therefore, there has always been a rather strong revolutionary movement. Of course, this is the Finns, Finland was in a special position. This special situation in every way sought to eliminate. And equate Finland to the usual Russian province. Of course, these are Jews, who were perhaps the only people who were restricted in their right of residence, and in a number of other rights, and then it was not about blood, of course, but about religion, if a person was baptized, many restrictions fell away . At the beginning of the 20 century, later, various Russian theories appeared, say, the book of Chamberlain, another Chamberlain of the theorist of racism, in which adult and Nazism, including, in Russia, was published in five editions at the beginning of the 20 century. And racist theories appear. And the people are Russian, Orthodox, but people who love their homeland and understand, this is a huge empire, the Great Russians were a minority of the population, less than half, they understood and experienced. And the famous Orthodox thinker and philosopher Vladimir Soloviev, the son of our great historian Sergei Mikhailovich Solovyov, he once said with such sarcasm to one of the heads of the press, I quote: “Is it true that we have an administrative order that only Orthodox women are admitted to public houses confessions. Such sarcasm, but which reflected the picture, when, for example, in the army a number of posts, telegraph operators, for example, so that you understand at what level, I'm not talking about officers, was prohibited for Catholics and Jews. That is, if he is a telegraph operator, he is ... some secret to the enemy. Initially, all were taken under suspicion. But how in this situation can be the fortress of the unity of the empire. If you want the empire to be strong, citizens or citizens of the empire should feel that this is their country. That they are equal in this country, that they have the same chances as others, and the strength of the state rests on this. ”[4]

O. V. Budnitsky

There is also deliberate confusion: the restriction of the rights of the Jews, with which the Prime Minister and the Russian nationalist Pyotr A. Stolypin wanted to do away with and the fight against Finnish and Polish separatism. Mr. Budnitsky does not say that the Polish rebels, despite ideological differences in 1830-1831 and 1863-1864, were in favor of restoring Poland within the boundaries of 1772, i.e. They wanted to enslave the Little Russians and Belarusians. Now it is necessary to disassemble the lie that the Russians were a minority in the Russian Empire. Before 1917, the Little Russians (Ukrainians) and Belarusians considered themselves to be part of the triune Russian people.

There were no restrictions for these branches of the Russian people. The census of population 1897 g., Showed that 66,81% of the population are Russians (Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians). However, this historical manipulation of the population is not new. “The peculiar conditions of Russia, in relation to the national question, are just the opposite of what we saw in Austria. Russia is a state with a single national center, the Great Russian. The Great Russians occupy a gigantic solid territory, reaching approximately 70 million people in numbers. The peculiarity of this nation-state, in-1-x, is that “foreigners” (constituting a large majority of the population - 57%) inhabit just the outskirts; 2's, that the oppression of these aliens is much stronger than in neighboring states (and even not only in European ones); in-3-x, that in a number of cases the oppressed nationalities living on the outskirts have their relatives on the other side of the border enjoying greater national independence (it’s enough to recall at least the western and southern border of the state - Finns, Swedes, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanian); B-4-x, the one that the development of capitalism and the general level of culture is often higher in the “foreign” suburbs than in the center of the state. Finally, it is in the neighboring Asian states that we see the beginning of a band of bourgeois revolutions and national movements that capture part of their kindred nationalities within Russia. ”[5] This is an excerpt from V. I. Lenin's article 1914, “On the right of nations to self-determination”.

Lenin, like Mr. Budnitsky, without asking the opinion of Little Russians and Belarusians, announces "Foreigners". However, for O. V. Budnitsky, Ukrainians are not so alien. In 2008, he spoke well about V. V. Shulgin on Radio Liberty. Presenter Ivan Tolstoy asked the question: “Oleg Vitalyevich, what do we like in Vasily Shulgin and what do not like?”[6] The most important part of the answer for readers was great. "Good question. You see, this man is difficult to paint with black and white paints. What is not pleasant in Shulgin is quite obvious. I personally don’t like monarchism, its right-wing enough, over-right views, its nationalism, its anti-Semitism, its non-recognition of the existence of Ukrainian culture, so to speak. This is unlikely anyone could like it. In any case, I think, a person with my views, about such indefinite liberal democratic views, can hardly be liked. ”

If you can agree with the negative assessment of anti-Semitism, then questions about Ukrainians arise. As befits all Russian left-wing liberals and regulars of Radio Liberty, Mr. Budnitsky endorses the anti-Russian Ukrainians, leading to archaization and degradation. And it is silent that the Petliurists and Bandera organized mass killings of Jews. Interestingly, V. Shulgin was already given a similar characteristic. “B) while DDA can be abolished without affecting the national interests of its predominant population (for they are Russians like the majority of the Russian population), the abolition of national republics would be a reactionary absurdity requiring the abolition of non-Russian nationalities of their Russification, i.e. . the reactionary quixotic, objectionable even from such obscurantists of Russian chauvinism as the Black Hundred Shulgin. [c.141] »[7] This is from an interview with Comrade I. V. Stalin in the newspaper “Pravda” 1922. Probably Russophobia is a generic stain of left-wing liberals and communists.

However, the Russian left liberals in our time have maintained good relations with Poland. The left-wing liberals are a legacy of the Marxists. “Marx in the 40 of the last century stood for the national movement of Poles and Hungarians against the national movement of the Czechs and southern Slavs. Why? Because the Czechs and southern Slavs were then “reactionary peoples”, “Russian outposts” in [c.142] Europe, outposts of absolutism, while the Poles and Hungarians were “revolutionary peoples” fighting against absolutism. Because the support of the national movement of the Czechs and southern Slavs meant then indirect support of tsarism, the most dangerous enemy of the revolutionary movement in Europe. "[8] This is from the lectures On the Basics of Leninism by I.V. Stalin. Those. for Marxists and left-wing liberals, Russians are reactionary people.

I. V. Stalin

Therefore, domestic left-wing liberals are ready to help Poland in the fight against Russia. The Gaidar Foundation organized in 2016 a lecture by the Polish historian Andrzej Pachkowski on controversial points in Russian-Polish history.[9] Polish reformer Leszek Balcerowicz spoke at the Liberal Mission Foundation in 2011. [10] In 2014, the author of the Polish “shock therapy” gave a lecture at the Gaidar Foundation. [11] The Polish side is also connected with the overseas partners of the Russian left-wing liberals. Part of the Polish elite withdrew from the Solidarity trade union and organized the Civic Platform party. The newspaper Vyborcha is closely connected with the figures of Solidarity and the Civic Platform. Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper Wyborcha Adam Michnik is a frequent guest in the “Liberal Mission” fund and the Gaidar fund. [12] To promote liberal democracy as early as 1988, the foundation named after Stephan Batory was founded with the money of financier George Soros.[13] In the name of the fund there is an indication of its political orientation. Stefan Batory is the king of the Commonwealth in 1576-1586. For Russians, he is known for defeating Russia during the Livonian War and was stopped near Pskov. Karl Bryullov's painting “The Siege of Pskov by the Polish King Stefan Batory in 1581” is dedicated to these events. It is known that Stefan Batory planned to start a war with the Ottoman Empire from ... the conquest of Russia and only death prevented him from carrying out his plans.

Thus, Marxists and left-wing liberals have been using Poland for more than a hundred years as a ram against Russia to implement their projects. In this regard, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Soros agree. Finally, every conscious citizen of Russia should know that all the “anti-Soviet” and “anti-communist” initiatives of the Gaidar Foundation, the “Liberal Mission” and other similar organizations are aimed at identifying Russians with Soviet power and destroying Russia. Therefore, Russian national conservatives must themselves deal with the Soviet past without any Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic "partners."

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