Why in each series “must” be minorities

Are you a white heterosexual man who sometimes likes to drink? Or are you an ordinary woman who sometimes has problems with her beloved? Then in the modern world, which is fascinated by the endless number of TV shows, you simply have nothing to do.

In Czech shows, this is not so noticeable, but American, Australian, British, Scandinavian and French are literally crammed with representatives of minorities of the most varied grades. The overwhelming majority of Western society has probably already become extinct.

An example from the USA. Today, the population of the United States is 327 million people. Of these, about 77% whites (including Spaniards and Hispanics), 13% blacks, almost 6% Asians, and, for example, 1,3% descendants of Native Americans and Alaskans. But if you look at American TV shows, then different races are often represented in the same way. Not to mention the creations where almost all the characters are black (African Americans are attracted purposefully to their own audience for advertising and financial reasons).

But let's imagine a series in which there would be only white ones. In life, these are not found, because it is considered unacceptable. In one modern Australian TV series, for example, the Chinese love Hindu, which, according to statistics, is one of the rarest love combinations of antipodes, but the TV screen and monitor will blow everything away. The main thing is that there is a "zest".

The proportions are clearly violated in most things, as the West plays political correctness, surrendering to this game completely.

Lady detective

Therefore, in the series, unlike life, gender equality has been achieved more than once. Sometimes it goes so far that many Western TV shows are literally teeming with women who lead a group of detective stories. In fact, in this profession, women in such positions are much less, but who wants to look at some boring guy who leads his group. Much more interesting is the 40-kilogram beauty (another option is a strict lady who looks like a Lufthansa airline stewardess), who has a gun on her belt that is larger than herself. Such a woman easily beats the 150-kilogram gangster between his legs, and he immediately falls to the ground. She will easily overtake Usain Bolt himself and shoot so accurately that military snipers are just amazed.

Add to this that today in almost any Western series there is a representative of sexual minorities: gay, lesbian, transsexual. The copulation of a man with a woman is already boredom, and all must be well mixed. Of course, this affects the whole plot. There is a lack of interesting ideas, since the inflation of the series has led to the fact that there are not enough good scriptwriters (sorry, and scriptwriters). Therefore, the plot is embellished, “brought to mind”, resorting to all possible and impossible combinations.

Almost everywhere you can also find a person with some kind of mental illness. Yes, today it is a truly global problem, but in real life, these people are often (often unreasonably) oppressed and do not occupy leading positions. In the series, the opposite is true. There are also those who have any violations of the autistic spectrum. After all, the world is not "normal." Today certainly not.

Illusory world?

No interest today is not caused by alcoholics (what is surprising about them?) And drug addicts (everyone accepts!). Corruption and bribery are also "not listed", because in life it is an ordinary phenomenon.

I still forgot the alternate child care. Today in the series is a very popular topic. I'm not talking about robots, mutants, aliens and monsters of all stripes. But all this today is interesting, rather, to young people or children.

Imagine that someone normal will appear in some series, who goes to work every day, conscientiously takes care of the family, loves his wife (husband), diligently brings up his children, has no deviations, does not sit out for evenings in taverns and does not use coke, is simply impossible.

Or are we simply creating an illusory world that should distract us from ordinary life, which is often dull and uninteresting? I already hear the objections of experts and critics: “You didn’t understand anything, lad. This is just an artistic understanding of our life and nothing more. ” But no. The changes that will lead us to another world and life are gradually taking place, and there will be no paradise for us at the end of this path.


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