HSE is exploring a way to overcome the support of the authorities of Russia and the destruction of the national identity of Russians

At 1987, in the midst of Perestroika in the Soviet Union, another restructuring began in America. Two gay activists from Harvard University, one of whom was an expert on public relations, and the other a neuropsychiatrist, published an article and a book, “The Gay Manifesto of the Nineties”, which outlined the main points of the plan for the transformation of social values ​​of the average American . Now, looking back, one can say that their plan was not only successfully executed, but even exceeded.

In detail the technique, and the results are described in the article “Gay Manifesto "After The Ball" - the secrets of gay propaganda».

Here we present the conclusions of this article.

Population decline - depopulation and fifth column

Preoccupation with overpopulation and the need to reduce the population have been repeatedly voiced at all global venues.

In 1994 year a conference was held in Cairowhere ways of reducing the population of the planet were formulated.

December 6 President 2011 Barack Obama produced a directive declaring the struggle for the rights of sexual minorities abroad a priority of American foreign policy.

In the leakages of Soros documents, on the 10 pages of the strategic plans for Russia 34 times the word LGBT is mentioned, including as collaborators.

That's what they write in the report of the Club of Rome for 2017 year with the saying title "Come On! Capitalism, myopia, population and destruction of the planet'"On a planet that has limits, population growth must be curtailed before nature does it itself.».

In 1969, in his address to Congress, President Nixon call population growth "One of the most serious problems for the fate of mankind" and called for urgent action. In the same year, Vice-President of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Frederick Jaffe, issued memorandum, wherein "encouraging the growth of homosexualityWas considered as one of the methods of reducing the birth rate. Two years earlier, Kingsley Davis, one of the central figures in developing a birth control policy offered encouraging "unnatural forms of sexual intercourse"

Scientific evidence proves that when running sex education, propaganda of homosexualitysuppressing work behavioral immune system and “HIV prevention” in schools, the number of homosexuals and the number of STDs among them is increasing.

The effectiveness of condoms in protection from HIV, with anal sex, used 95% MSM, about 70%. For other STDs, even less. The purpose of learning to use condoms in schools is the inclination of young people to premarital sexual activity, including homosexual with the illusion of protection, infection and natural sterility.

The increase in the incidence of STDs
Increase in the number of LGBT among the younger generation
Growth in the number of LGBT people in the United States

The statistics of the increase in the number of homosexuals in the conditions of total propaganda is presented in a new light, considering the following: it is estimated that the number of infertile couples in Europe reaches 15%, and in Russia - 19%. If the value of this parameter exceeds 20%, then infertility is already considered a demographic problem of the country. (Epanchintseva). According to the WHO, 15% infertile couples are critical. (Sobolev)

Homosexuals almost no pair, and those who create couples rarely have children. That is, with an increase in the homosexual population on 1-2% Russia will face a demographic problem according to Epanchintseva, or has already faced, according to WHO.

Russia faces a choice: to follow the successful practice of reducing the population following the shrinking population of the West or to protect its sovereignty and traditional values, to remain as an ethnic group on its territory.

Agree with countries that are actively reducing their populations impossible. It's time to drop this illusion.

In addition, members of the LGBT community themselves are at risk, who are used for geopolitical and political purposes, which inspire inability to change your sexual behavior and the normality of the latter, and use the activity of people trying to prove their normalcy, as opposition to traditional society and the state.

When health is convincing demonstrates abnormality and unnaturalness of this condition, many are decided on suicides. But this can be prevented - studies show that changing orientation perhaps and often such a change occurs spontaneously.

LGBT activists deliberately hide information about health effects and stigmatizing propaganda from LGBT people.

Lisa Diamond, a lesbian, a professor, APA member in his work, in the summary table presented research data, according to which 26-45% of men and 46-64% of women report a change in sexual desire during the considered period of time (from 3 to 10 years). In addition, 50-100% of men and 55-91% of women who reported such a change reported a change towards heterosexuality during the assessment period. Struggling with the generally accepted opinion on this issue, Diamond and Rosky make further observation that "the pace of change does not seem to decrease as the respondents get older." (Rosik 2016)

HSE Collaboration

Following the scientists of gay activists from Harvard, Russian scientists from the HSE repeat, like a spell, the need to recognize the genetic causes of homosexuality, since this makes society believe in the impossibility of propaganda:

If sexual orientation is viewed as innate or for granted, then this point of view by itself does not give reason to expect that the proportion of homosexuals in society or their power as a group should increase. But if sexual orientation is seen as a result of social influence (for example, some kind of “gay propaganda” that can “turn” heterosexuals into homosexuals), then the unrestrained social activity of homosexuals can act as a factor leading to an increase in the number of homosexuals and their superiority in a society that may ultimately threaten the status of the heterosexual norm, and the result is “total control of sexual minorities over those who favor traditional ideas” (Gulevich, Osin, 2018)

Compare with the authors methodologies gay propaganda:

Despite the obviousness that sexual orientation for most people is the product of complex interactions between innate predisposition and environmental factors in childhood and early adolescence, we insist that for all practical purposes should be consideredthat gays were born like that. Naturals must be convinced that being a homosexual is as natural for some as being heterosexual for others. Homosexuals did not choose anything, no one ever fooled or seduced them.

The public must be convinced that homosexuals are victims of circumstances, and that they choose their sexual orientation no more than they choose their height or skin color ... Publicly recognizing that homosexuality can be a choice, we open a Pandora’s box that says “moral choice and sin” and handing our opponents a whipping stick ... For all practical purposes, homosexuals should be treated as if they were born that way ... and since they had no choice, homosexuality will deserve no more censure, than heterosexuality. ("After the Ball")

But on this, the HSE does not stop:

Today, gay intolerance has become part of collective russian identity and the symbolic border separating Russia with its traditional moral norms from the “corrupt Geyropa”.

This idea is supported by our recent findings showing that national identity is a strong positive predictor of the perceived threat of homosexuals among Russian students. <...>

This ultimately leads to government supportwhich, it would seem, protects the people and the country from the "harmful" influence.

Thus, we view this study as a small step towards understanding the psychological mechanisms linking social policy with individual attitudes that form a vicious circle of homophobia.

And we believe that it is at the psychological level that new opportunities can be opened to overcome it. (Gulevich, Osin, 2018)

Article (Gulevich, Osin, 2018) written in English, apparently for a better understanding in the country that declared the struggle for the rights of sexual minorities abroad a priority of foreign policy.

As you can see, the destruction of traditional values ​​and healthy disgustsociety to unnatural sexual behavior, put as psychological means of destruction of the Russian statehood and the method of destruction of the collective identity of the peoples of Russia!


Alexander Kalinin

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