"White man is stupid" - a chronicle of the spread of new racism

Racism against whites or hatred of the West (if you put a smoother definition under it) has three main features.

First, its existence is denied as something impossible. Secondly, anyone who talks about him faces censure and accusations of racism. Thirdly, it is for the most part white men themselves.

In my last books, I tried to show that the basis of all this is a terrible modern belief that it was the white man who invented racism (Adolf Hitler’s skin color) and, therefore, he himself cannot be a victim of racism as its only author. I also noted that this belief has a traumatic origin and has deeply penetrated the collective unconscious of the West.

Two media events of last week can serve as confirmation for my unpleasant thesis.

The last time I tried to demonstrate with an example, it was about rapper Nick Conrad (Nick Conrad), who in his song called for hanging white children.

Only one evening journalist, who, apparently, was stunned by my words, reproached me that I drew attention to a separate act of a complete stranger. A strange reproach from people who feel free to inflate every racist tag or anti-Semitic antics of two drunken members of the yellow vests.

In any case, whether Nick Conrad or his colleagues, any pretexts are used in order not to hear them and interpret the outrage they cause, as perverted fantasies of fascist personalities.

Incidentally, we note that the French justice is showing unprecedented gentleness in relation to the slander about whites, because the rapper who called for killing them received only a conditional sentence at the request of the prosecutor’s office with a symbolic fine of 500 euros.

Be that as it may, this time it will be more difficult for my vehement critics to state that the examples I have cited are far-fetched.

The first media trick happened on February 8 on the air of the successful TV show “Cotidienne”, hosted by Yann Barthès. His guest was the African-American writer Nell Irvin Painter, who owns The Story of the Whites.

Flashing knowledge of French, a black lady attacked whites. After describing Donald Trump and the many oddities she recorded on his account, she concluded from all this that the white man “is stupid, deceitful and corrupt, he oppresses women ...”

Honestly, I can’t even imagine the reaction of the media, political and intellectual circles, if a white man used the example of the misdeeds of black actor Bill Cosby or the newly elected African-American deputy Justin Fairfax - they are both persecuted for rape - to blame all blacks on this. I bet that by doing so, he would destroy his reputation once and for all.

But the most terrible and striking thing is that the presenters and the audience almost fainted from ecstasy.

Further, the famous writer calmly explained to those present that whites need urgently to interbreed with people of darker skin, because now they are too pale to survive with the warming climate.

Here, a kind and anti-racism-minded public, which invariably forbids itself to attach any meaning to skin color and doesn’t even allow a hint of the use of the concept of “race”, gave a standing ovation to the therapeutic appeal for the disappearance of a whole species of people, since it became too weak for our difficult times .

At this level of intellectual and moral impoverishment, this sadly absurd scene at least very accurately indicates the neurotic evil of the modern era.

Epochs, when we see at the same time the hunt for the slightest suspicion of racism in relation to supposedly oppressed white people, and the worst blatant prejudices (up to the call for extinction) when it comes to people who allegedly own a monopoly on the racism they invented.

At this very same week, another example of the fact that the neurotic pathology of flattering before otherness concerns not only popular television, but also intellectual circles (well, or those who present themselves as such) appeared to us. So, France Culture now believes that the racial approach is a political mindset and that it was possible to calmly discuss February's 7, including with this American lady who doesn’t like whites too much. Moreover, our state cultural radio wrote about racial theory on its Twitter page: “Thinking about the white question means thinking about a part of French identity. For example, to realize that being white is a privilege, because white did not have to wonder about the color of his skin. ”

Obsession with race and racism against whites on state radio ... Beating whites in the suburbs, massacring white policemen (as was the case on December 31 Champigny), killing white farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe are all privileges, right?

And what does a black citizen of Togo every day wonder about the color of their skin?

In short, to better understand this growing trend, I recommend an instructive article by Matthieu Aron (“Nouvel Observatory”, December 6 2018) entitled “Decolonial Threat at the University”. I will quote the introduction: "racial", "racial", "Islamophobia" .... It is this vocabulary that is now firmly established in public debates and left the movement, which strengthens positions in all faculties. So much so that people no longer dare to express other points of view ... ”

Apparently, the "decolonial" threat has taken deep roots on French radio.

In any case, the worst in this theater of pretentious stupidity is not that any black racist or Islamist-leftist activist of the “Indigenous People of the Republic” can freely pour out their bile.

The worst thing is the dark, pale-faced idiots, who enjoy the masochistic and racist pleasure of hating their own skin.




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