When at the head of the sacred temple overly self-confident priests, the “professionals” put up an arrogant and successful prostitute in the hope that with her successful sense of the dastardly gesheft it will enrich their church (and they, allegedly, will be able to multiply their flock, expand the parish, and at the same time protect the faith from desecration !), such shepherds make the greatest strategic blunder.

For no matter how many earthly blessings the virtuoso harlot would bring them, gradually she would infect everything around with corruption and debauchery, and the former servants of God even keeping their cassocks! - will turn de facto into vulgar billowy bouncers.

The management of a religious community is fundamentally no different from the leadership of the temple of science, elegant literature or philosophy. Moreover, publishing or academic activities, and most importantly their subsidies, impose a responsibility superior to the interpretation of texts that have long become canonical: publishing new authors, imposing them on school and university programs, compare the significance of the actions of a navigator carrying their homeland to the show of Aboriginal people, possibly deadly pernicious , albeit fashionable - Pushkin’s Mefistopheles dixit - a disease.

Each epoch is characterized by its own "patrons". Francis I, opening his treasury, Benvenuto Cellini, Robert of Anjou, inviting Giotto to Naples, promotes the mimesis of beauty, refinement, elevates man as a species, giving him an aristocratic chance for another evolutionary jerk. However, in moments of civilizational decline, types like the well-known Semites Petronius emerge, implanting pretentious mediocrity, graphomania, mediocrity: himself being a geek of bisexual prostitution [i] and slavery [ii], former pimp Trimalchion [iii] with his Fortuna — taken from the gateway fornicators [iv], frankly prone to tribadism [v] - sowing around themselves a perversion [vi], lack of culture [vii] and deformity [viii], normalizing them, then making them desirable for their parasite apologists [ix]. Character Satyriconkooky from permissiveness "three times nasty" freedman Trimalchio, psychopathic pedoman [x] and the childless usurer [xi], the insatiable owner of the vast expanses of the empire [xii], hysterically controlled by him under the influence of wine vapors [xiii] (besides Trimalhion clearly suffers from the initial stage of senile dementia), is curious from an anthropological point of view. Interesting for the shrewd geopolitics - foreseeing, for example, the presidential election in Russia 2024, - as well as for the future historian, the “contribution” of the multi-billionaires Prokhorovs, these Moscow aspects of Trimalchion, to the post-Soviet civilization. And even futuristic ethnopsychiatry- to the confessor of the future nations - it is worth asking: What specific goals, other than, of course, the acquisition of Tuscan villas, are the nickel resources of the Eurasian state used since the very collapse of the USSR?

Turn to personal experience. I myself am in constant contact with philanthropists, being probably the only philosopher, scientist, writer who managed to “educate” Swiss financiers who understood the need to invest in a totally independent thinker who is also a writer who knows by heart prose, poetry, Pushkin's correspondence, Gogol, Lermontov, ... polished, improving it, their style: the hypothetical survival of humanity and the pledge of its far less likely elevation as a type is based on a mixture of the revived, then nuanced classicism with absolute freedom, candalas, of course, hated.

And it took me more than ten years of academic publications of the Hellenist, philosopher, Slavist, Scandinavian, theologian, specialist in French literature, and most importantly academic teaching of no less valuable denunciations of corrupt professors, along with the university analysis of the cries of "suddenly see clearly" (when they were scared oligarchs lackeys) newspaper day laborers, - to get the cash equivalent of the Nobel Prize from local, Swiss bankers, to whom it finally reached, how worthless their billions are, if from their grandson Here, the “system” will educate sodomites, and their granddaughters will be raped by a gang of Sudanese who were brought here by the same “system”. And right, it is enough to re-read my writings of the beginning of 2000's (which then caused a howl and a wave of sushiks to the police of the Sorbonne bastards!) In order to understand their visionary value. Here, for example, my, every day becoming a clear prophecy, published in Moscow, - to which the twelfth year went:

“In conclusion, it remains only to note that the next few years of demagogy and the mediaized series of pseudo-actions only“ freeze ”France in its state of Islamization, the demographic crisis, the consequences of the ninth wave of Afro-immigration and feminization. All this, perhaps, will lead the country's human clot to an explosion in the name of the same "justice" - a copy of the recently demonstrated "woman" on the TV screen of the "explosion", only enlarged to colossal dimensions.

After the war, civil, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, all-European, it is possible that the political system of the ideal will be revived, since it is an impression of heavenly Harmonies - the most beautiful of the daughters of Ares. And, perhaps, in this comfortable for loins of spirit the atmosphere will again be fostered by human beings capable of lightning speed smell the most valuable, the most powerful, the most fragile on Earth - and at the same time the most deadly for a chandala - a nuance!

Dr. Anatoly Livry, Visit to the Louvre, 4 June 2007, ALP, Moscow

After this publication, Krylov’s editor — as well as other low-paid “patriots” (and venality is the most important problem of Russian grief- “patriotism”) —was squeezed tightly by the billionaires Prokhorovs, and my collaboration with ALP it stopped.

The difficulty of saving unlimited freedom was precisely in nurture brazen money bags - to throw off the shoulders of the Spirit of gravity, this half-dwelling-half bundle, to preserve total independence: to endure years of poverty (without writing a single line for sale, without printing a single page, which would then be painfully embarrassing), to train my Jewish relatives , - Rhine bankers, accustomed to the submission of professors subsidized by them, - having taught them that, for example, even having received from them for pocket expenses the annual salary of the Rector of the Sorbonne, I will not begin to vomit which has now become popular Zionist sputum: as if the Gauls and Jews of Europe needed to take up arms against a common enemy — the Afro-Asian tribes brought here — forgetting about the role of my schizophrenic brothers from the synagogue in the deportation to the north and northeast of the synagogue, who at first duped the post-war Aryan generation with “anti-racism” yes "Tolerance" (but actually managed only to inculcate the "thirst for sacrificial competition" to the "authentic" Semites, that is to say to the Arabs and congoids with capoids), and now reaping the fruits of their Nuremberg tales that have infected jurisprudence In western world. And I managed to rally my Basel, Zurich, Lausanne patrons, now not daring to ask me questions about the levers, with the help of which I turn my planet, be this demiurgic mystery stylistic, philosophical or political. Only such independence allows unlimited self-realization! In Russia, many billionaires who prostitute the country's subsoil dictate their psychopathic orders to tamed scribes, Russian or Western, and I myself twice witnessed Prokhorov's arrogance inherent in recent serf freemen, at the Sorbonne (of course, following the traditions of the memorial genre it would be worthwhile to write in “the very heart of the Sorbonne,” however, since it was happening at the Slavic faculty, this place can be surely dubbed “the rectum of the university”).

Yes, during my teaching at the Sorbonne, I involuntarily happened to watch over “Domestic cuisine” - ties between Russian and Western globalists. Valuable, analyzed by me in academic lectures information! I saw more than once how the emissary of billionaire Prokhorov, his sister and the publisher of "UFO", came to Paris to bargain with Chirac (having achieved his later, with Sarkozy and Hollande) about the orders of the Legion of Honor in bulk for his family; as (called in by a famous Parisian psychopath, long ago expelled from the Sorbonne in disgrace and deprived of the title of "Professor of Eriter") Prokhorov spoke at conferences at the Sorbonne, blatantly shook her brother's money bag; like a billionairebookseller looked around at the lackeys-professors of the Sorbonne (with the Americans, who came to Paris to humiliate themselves before her) with the self-satisfied and watchful gaze of Anderson smart chicken (“Do they applaud me diligently ?!”); and as it later declared to me that “He would not allow Anatoly Livry’s books to be published in Russia, because, say, even Livri was born Livshits, he ... is a bad Jew,” which several years later they confirmed to my Paris-based agent in writing from an electronic UFO addresses: “Dear Ms. Favre, Allow me, on behalf of the editorial board, to thank you for the offer, but unfortunately, the publication of Mr. Livry’s works is currently not possible. Sincerely, Olga Zakharova, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, “New Literary Review”"[Xiv] The question is how many years a doctor of literary studies, winner of Aldanovskaya and other international awards should devote frenzied collaboration in promoting anti-white racism, sexual perversions, and charlatan "scientific currents" so that his books are published by the publishing house of the Prokhorovs multi-billionaires? ...

To what basic animal reflex does the current called “Russian liberalism” go back, hastily been preached by Russian moneybags, like the Prokhorovs, for more than a quarter of a century? The answer is simple. The origins of misanthropic corruption should be sought in the banal racial antipathy towards the Aryans of my Jewish fellow tribesmen, in their long-standing thirst for historical revenge, supposedly awaiting them after the restructuring of our world, its improvements- The process where they were rightfully given the Führer title of Machiach! More than a century ago, having smelled the bacterial impulse of the Slavic, Asian - and Germanic ones, let us not forget this! - ethnic groups of the Russian empire [xv], globalists, having joined Bolshevism, tried as usual to become pimps, risking to prostitute this time the power of the Eurasian Dionysus for the sake of building a “universal republic” - a project for which my fellow monarchs inspired clever monodyal goyim with the era of the famous Parisian coup, which entailed terrorist expeditions against Brittany and Wendea. What the hell is Theodor Herzl with his Basel congress! - Zionism was revived by the Teutonic nomads, naturalized in France, and just a few years after fall The Bastille fought for the establishment of a "universal republic" with the assistance of the "revolutionary synagogues Galut":" Nous trouverons encore de puissants auxiliaires, de fervents apôtres dans les tribus judaïques, qui regardent la France comé une seconde Palestine. Nos concitoyens circoncis nous bénissent dans toutes les synagogues de la captivité. Le juif, avili dans le reste du monde, estoy devenu citoyen français, citoyen du monde, par nos décrets philosophiques. "[Xvi] Now you can see the true origins of Russophobic hysteria on a planetary scale, caused by the expulsion of Trotsky from the USSR in 1929 and continuing to this day, and most importantly, the causes of the organized Genocide of the peoples of Eurasia organized by the Trotskyists - which, however, did not prevent them from settling accounts with each other at all. The main benefit to the mondialist currents of the Holocaust of Soviet citizens: the opportunity to appear in the "free" - that is, western, not Stalinist (hence the purges of the past century, arranged by the Trotskyists in the European Communist Parties) - the world "victims", and therefore produce a gradual and natural fusion of Trotskyism and globalism Neoconservatism is now in charge of the Earth, a kind of predatory cosmopolitanism of Diogenic Cynicus, implanted under the aegis of "Zionism for all" - Noahism - the erasure of all sorts of borders between races, states, sexes ...

Sorbonne, Paris

By the will of fate, in 28 for years I turned out to be a teacher of Russian science at the Sorbonne - in the very terrarium of racists, eager to "turn Russia into a desert inhabited by white Negroes" (this semi-mythical phrase of Trotsky is right here!). However, I was accepted in 2001 by the Sorbonne "third generation Trotskyists" - specific creatures that still reproduce Trotsky's misanthropic reflex on an unconscious level, because they regularly receive a bowl with republican bran for cosmopolitan secretion. Sorbonne's Slavistics is full of Israeli prostitutes (Buchs) and their pupils, who inherited from them a professor’s rank (Jürgenson-Reichman) [xvii] (know for a single phrase in defense of Palestinian children shot by soldiers tsahalaaccidentally uttered before sayanim French “Russian studies”, these “brave fighters against Stalinism” of the 21st century, you will become an outcast, goy!); Freemasons who have stolen all their “scientific reasoning” and doldon their students year after year (Comte); idiots who have fallen into childhood (already dead Okutyurye), Russianists flooded the University of France — professorial idiots, unable to link a few words in the language they teach (Geiro) [xviii], ..., ..., ...

Naturally, most of these degenerates never even opened Stalin's school of fraudOr The history of the Russian revolutionnor book Devoted revolution: What is the USSR and where is it going? - and why this is, because their Trotskyism is bestial in a bestial manner! The first generation of professors of the “Russianists” chose the Sorbonne, according to the basic Trotskyist requirements, Pierre Pascal - a charlatan who despised Science, and began his long successful career as a traitor with the disarmament from the French Army to collaborate with Trotsky, followed by (already married to his future wife panegyrist Trotsky, who also went to hell from Mexico) Pascal and followed away from the USSR, incidentally implanting in the French University translators, and most importantly "instinctive propagandists" of Trotskyist fanaticism relation to civilizations of the european race (important! In order for “cosmopolitan Trotskyism” to become the natural habitat of the “Russianists” of France, they must be scientific nonentities, engaged exclusively in squabbling over the stew. For this reason - the selection of dolphins, who have long used the professors for information accounts with the world for their academic and human misery.). In 1940, Paris was occupied by the army of the Third Reich, and many self-respecting Marxist professors in France leave teaching positions. But Pascal makes a vile alliance with the Vichy government, continuing the activity of propagandist Trotskyist ideas and publishing his pseudoscientific articles, where, for example, the Russian village - this matrix of the genius of the Eastern Slavs, destroyed before and after his expulsion from the USSR - is an idyllic little world, and the words “collectivization” and “surplus” are not even mentioned [xix]. Yes, even during Hitler’s occupation, Trotskyist Pierre Pascal, rudely scoffing at Science and common sense at the Sorbonne, provides a posthumous alibi for the mass racist Slavic murderer, his guru Leib Bronstein!

In the 1944 year, the moment of the liberation of France comes when, under the guise of, they liquidate the last independent professors who are able to pass the fire of knowledge to new generations ... but the Trotskyist Pierre Pascal agrees with those in power here. The scum retains his Sorbonne place again without the slightest complication — although any “rightist” collaborator was forced for decades to justify himself for his academic activities during the occupation years. Question to university soul makers of the future: how apart from mental deviation can one explain the half-century perverted frenzy of Pierre Pascal (obliged by his education to the best schools of the Third Republic, created by monarchists - legitimists and orleanists) to destroy France, its ancient Hellenic-Christian spirit, to burn out the remnants of independent thinking in the French University “colored kramole” 1968 of the year, at the same time preparing the Russian world for "liberalization", and then for its inevitable settlement, from the Baltic to the Sea of ​​Japan, by African Semites and congoids, oih his Trotskyist comrades upeshno "decolonize" (by programming their future genocides, for defying ethnically homogeneous state invented by them) ?!

It is time for Solzhenitsyn to publish in the West his Gulag memoirs. And here the last followers of Pierre Pascal are met with true pimps between dollar manna, poured out from the Paris embassy of the USA, and Solzhenitsyn, who would never have published, and even with the Nobel result, Archipelago, if he had not subjected his testimony - in the YMCA-Press –Trotskistic editing of professors-translators-publishers like Mikitka Struve [xx], Egorka Niva, Mishka Okutyurje or Yashki Katto, recently publicly accused of many years of rape of graduate students and postgraduates using his official position at the Faculty of Russian Sorbonne, as well as in the French Slavic Council (section 13 du conseil national des universités) [xxi].

These scientific insignificance brought up the “third generation” of the Sorbonne Trotskyists and Trotsky women — brutal from their tribal hatred of the Germans, Celts and Slavs — jackals and hyenas, struggling with “Stalinism” and “Nazism” in their complete anachronisms. faeces, hastily allocated to herons-old women in revenge around the world like Jurgenson-Reichman (which, of course, all men refused) - feces that take the book form in Moscow, thanks to whom? ... naturally multimillia Proders Chorus [xxii]! After all, the ideological line of the Russian Trimalchion fully corresponds to the implanted doctrine of “accelerated cosmopolitanism” - forcing a permanent revolution (without Trotsky himself, which has become excessively difficult for his brainless great-great-grandchildren): the persistent erosion of frontiers - sexual, racial, state - for the house-testing of “updated” free from the morality and culture of the humanized herds, with completely chopped off racial and religious roots, and therefore completely devoid of the ability to personal civilization ionic resistance of its metamorphosis into a tractive-tolerant cattle.

Prokhorov's activities are a modern Russian version of the impact on the Caucasian race of the Rothschild family, many responsible for the Euro-Asian slaughter that began in 1870 under Buzonville, and gradually grew into a world war that has not been interrupted to this day. Crush in the human soul innate, for with the blood torn from nature a sense of beauty, then it became natural for the aristocrats of the human race; to trample on the beauty of the Socratic glum, pseudo-intellectual hysterical delusion, with no less than Cretan conclusions, accompanied by degenerative-professorial grimaces - such is the trivial tactics of the Trimalchions of any era.

Memories of the winner of the Aldan Prize 2010,

After about a year after I received the Aldan Prize (awarded by the New York New magazine for the best Russian novel written in exile [xxiii]), I learned that at the request of the Israeli prostitute from Sorbonne and her cousin from the Jerusalem University, the UFO of Prokhorov organized a pressure campaign against the American editorial board so that they would never dare not only print your youngest laureate [xxiv], but even mention his name on the pages New Journal- taboo! - that selling Adamovich obediently performs since 2010 of the year. It is because of this attempt to murder me as a Russian writer and philosopher that I became interested in the activities of the multi-billionaires Prokhorovs, "the philanthropists of science and culture."

That's why I analyzed at my seminars in Europe the pre-election 2012 masquerade of the year becoming more and more relevant and played by Prokhorov with Zhirinovsky: Prokhorov-brother performed in the usual role of the resonator; a sister in the hall was instructing a pack of trained "intellectuals"; Zhirinovsky sometimes played such an important role as a "villain." Totally inclined to defeat, for refusing to objectively assess the situation, Zhirinovsky spoke about Prokhorov’s stay in the Lyon jail, where Nicolas Sarkozy had planted five years earlier, then Shirakov’s MVD chief, who was looking for money for his 2007 presidential race of the year. However, the citizens of Russia were not honored to learn then, for example: why did the French police minister Sarkozy, soon elected president of the Fifth Republic, suddenly reward his recent prisoner with the highest order of France [xxv] ?! Not a word about the fact that a truly magical change of status - from the inmate of the French detention center to the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor! - happened for Prokhorov exactly on the threshold of the Rothschild aggression against Libya (whose consequences of Eurasia with Africa are going on to this day) ?! And as a result: not a word about the leading role of the French army, - directed by President Sarkozy, elected thanks to millions of Prokhorovs, - to eliminate the leader of the Jamahiriya, Colonel Gaddafi, the true benefactor of Africa.

So Zhirinovsky did not dare to bring a concrete result: yes, the wealth of Russia's mineral resources was used by the family of Nickel Trimalchions not only for “investments” in Sarkozy-President, but primarily for the current and future genocide of Europeans - victims of the African demographic bomb whose “radioactive cloud” (this should be known to today's Russians!), having poisoned the West of the continent, will inevitably head for Vladivostok. And further: not a word about the details of awarding Prokhorov with the most important order right then, at the time of the February XDUMX televised debates of the year, frankly hostile, from a geopolitical point of view, for Russia — France. And not a word, by the way, about a curious fact, “not noticed” by the intelligence of the Russian Federation, together with the organizers of the electoral debate (since the “liberals” love to judge opponents from the “heights” of their own “humanism”, let's talk in the language of their “morality” - yes, I was taught this in the Parisian yeshiva ...): in the Moscow Embassy of France, he was watching Prokhorov for awarding the Legion of Honor, with his hands in his pockets, as in his living room (, Marek Halter is an Israeli intelligence agent (according to French intelligence, then “DST” [xxvi], published in 2008 by the Paris media [xxvii]), sentenced by a French court for public “racist slander” on French Christians [xxviii] ( important: the Paris verdict correctly reflects the literally “racist” - “diffamation publique et raciale” [xxix] - Halter’s character: his rage directed against the white Catholics of France is only a “intellectual echo of his tribal hatred towards the representatives of the Caucasian race), Bernard-Henri’s assistant Levi (now non grata persons in Russia [xxx]), who moved Sarkozy to the genocide of the peoples of Libya and who is proud of his crimes against humanity (“... <Bernard-Henri Lévy est> fier d'avoir été cet honest broker de la liberté libyenne ... "[xxxi]), with which Halter created the French SOS-Racisme in 1984, who educated generations of galls in racist self-loathing (the close ties of the organizers of this association with the French Trotskyists of my relative Alain Krivin and the abusers of children are just beginning seeping into the French media, - but in Russia is silent!, which means that in the mutton non-resistance to the seizure of Europe by the millions of victims of the African-Asian wars, started by the same Prokhorov comrades from among my Jewish relatives of the Rothschild coalition: (By the way, Marek Halter, sentenced in 1993 by a French court for publicly inciting racial hatred for the people of his own country, managed to get in Russia ten years later ... "Order of Friendship" [xxxi] <peoples> [xxxiii] !!! By which Moscow and Did my Jewish compatriots receive a petition to the St. Petersburg channels for giving him this award to the Russian Federation? Did my Russian relatives hide the Parisian sentence to the racist Halter? Or did my Jewish relatives from Russia simply openly mock the French court's decision: oinstvo the people who created the French art, culture, power equally contemptible how hateful they native Russian ethnic groups - for the ultimate goal of these fanatics metisirovat of both "white" hated it). This, it turns out, is the “anti-racist” intermediary of billionaires Prokhorov with the Grand Master of the Legion of Honor at the French Embassy in Moscow!

Recently, by the way, the general line of the French “anti-racists” has changed dramatically: “Il ne faut pas avoir de seire faire traiter d'islamophobe. "[Xxxiv] - for several years now, the" Islamophobia "by the Zionists of Europe is no longer forbidden, on the contrary, it is assiduously stimulated by them! Having brought millions of Arabs, Kabils, Congoids, Pakistanis to the west of the continent, ... after many years of persecution of patriots and accusations of “fascism” after expelling European dissidents from European universities, after prohibiting our publications, depriving us of literary awards and academic titles, ... - my Jewish relatives began to provoke the indigenous people of Europe to a bloody civil war with allochtons (which would not have happened here if, instead of being deported here, Afro-Asians with a parallel normalization sexual perversions, demagogues would simply leave the traditional “white” family alone, giving her the opportunity to give birth and raise mentally healthy children!, while simultaneously tugging Marion Marechal (granddaughter Jean-Marie Le Pen, who refused to bear the name of her grandfather [xxxv], may already now planning the next presidential campaign), daughter Roger Oka (bluntly telling the Parisian media about receiving the Mossad's salary, sending him to spy missions to Syria: ““ paris services ”israéliens for the effectuer certaines missions, for example des opératio ns secrètes en syrie, sous couvert de reportage. ”, assure-t-il, n'étant“ nullement gêné par cette révélation ”.” [xxxvi]), on the role of “Zionist Joan of Arc,” the first female president of the French Republic. “It’s impossible to nip the last attempt at the revival of the peoples of Europe, this doctrinal“ leprosy ”[xxxvii],” globalists now clearly smelled - “Well, let's head it!”. And my Jewish cousins, for decades imposing "racist" African tribes (and therefore requiring reeducation) Europe, recently trying to reproduce here the endless Israeli-Palestinian war, where the descendants of the Gauls are to play the role of the Israelis and the Afro-descendants of the Palestinians, while echoing 1970’s theses by Jean-Marie Le Pen, who is then misanthrope prevented to come to power in order to prevent their Realpolitik European inter-ethnic massacre. Wah what gavvah!

A whole series of these unpleasant nuances was hidden from the Russians then, during the televised debates 2012 of the year. However, the consequences of these preludes of crimes against humanity, silenced before the Russians at the height of the Libyan ethnocide, will manifest themselves during the future presidential campaign - 2024 - when Putin is old, and the Rothschild clan will again try to regain the power lost by Russians in the Russian Federation who had long been duped "Patrons of the arts" by multi-billionaires like the Prokhorovs with their UFO publishing house. Their victory will be the beginning of the systematic racist elimination of the Slavs of the Russian Federation according to the scenario successfully played out in Western Europe, for example, in France, existing (let's not forget this!) Under the “emergency” imposed on the nation after the Parisian bloodshed (organized by terrorists brought to Europe) November 2015 of the year, and legalized by Macron two years later.

The strategic point of "Jew", a French doctor of sciences, expelled to Switzerland

By the will of the Gods (in whom I have long believed in defeating the envious Yahweh), I got not only a philosophical and literary genius, but also a memory that captures the smallest episodes - for which my Swiss patrons called me "KGB Computer" (quote every morning in the original Pushkin , Aeschylus, Nietzsche, Claudel, Virgil, ... and you will educate yourself by such!). Because, by the way, the trash of Slavic professors — for example, decrepit Israeli prostitutes published by Prokhorov (in exchange for Irina Prokhorova’s repeated invitations to the Sorbonne Russian conference), and their senile clients (most of whom are already dead, like Okushury Mishka or Yashka Katto) - so furious, trying to find, well, who will finally be able to sue Anatoly Livry instead, whether Sorbonna, Russian billionaires, Macron's wife, his ambassador in Bern or Mossad ...?!? [xxxviii], or their brother, Chichikov's "fist", sneaking into Science, and crawling out of the skin to prove to Pieri Pascal, the dying creatures, drowning in the French police (sending their slander letters to the French Ministry of Education) [xxxix]. They have something to be afraid of me: approaching me, they know that I immediately felt their smallest, most intimate flaws and nightly horrors (which they so vehemently and long tried to hide that they did everything to forget about them themselves) —and never forget them, either during their lifetime or after it [xl]. It is this scum, completely devoid of psychic being, that billionaires Prokhorov across Russia and the pseudo-intellectual Russian-speaking world "unwind" with might and main ... and dig themselves into the pit, like all oligarchs of History, these obscurantists, who usually hatch (according to the ever-faithful Platonic scheme [xli]) timocracy, which later generates the miasma of <now established> democracy, - from where, a fey tyranny, sodomically tolerant, metisirovanno-boundless, with a gilded bridle around the snout, which our well-wishing multimillionaires are, will come out Lastly, the place of Neo-Gulg commanders who had long ago bargained for themselves from their Western companions.

Yes, the whole horror of the Socratic psychopathy of cosmopolitan multimillionaires is that, hoping to become the rulers of the human ocean, rootless, and therefore submissive serf-individuals, erased from their traumatized consciousness the fact that the finest works of art, culture, and - the most important for Trimalchions of all of times! - the most perfect achievements of vulgar comfort and sweaty technological progress are generated not by the societies of childless homosexuals and lesbians (besides they are met with violent methods), but by clear boundaries separated from their neighbors by nations harmoniously coexisting with their ethnic Gods, who bequeathed to them a three-word (Vulgaris-vulgarized) society, where traditional families feed their offspring with the myths of heroic warrior ancestors, sometimes surviving in battle and achieving the status of wise men.

If among a tribe with a balanced psyche, creative sodomites or blisters appear suddenly, then a surge of their talent is possible only thanks to the social atmosphere charged natural custom, firmly asserting their principles - and even if the activity of the marginals is aimed at destroying a healthy system, then in the fight against it the molesters use the vertical spiritual structure that nurtured them, and their “bright future”, the world of victorious bastards-libertines, is no longer able to recreate . Therefore, any state based on distortions, as well as on mixing races (for which, for example, ten years ago, President of France Nicolas Sarkozy [xlii] solemnly called on students of his country, automatically the Grand Master of the Legion of Honor, later awarding the Order of Prokhorov for ... special services to France, as already known to the reader, thanks to me), or just taking a course to be mesmerized with perversion as a public service, breeds a pack of illiterate, hysterical, from generation to generation, regressing untermens. Trimalchions mistakenly believe that first-class specialists produce ex nihilo high schools; however, if mentally stable families, these atoms traditional society will be eliminated, there will be no one to supply adequate students to these universities, whose professors will soon become cretinistic ignoramuses, from generation to generation who select their own similar degenerates for professorships, - French “Russian” to this is an excellent example [xliv], - and this practice is the norm of tyrannical systems known to psychiatrists, where degenerates are literally attract to themselves imbeciles, making them their heirs [xlv].

That is why in the cosmopolitan idiocracy, for which the Trimalchions of all countries are de facto fighting, no one will be able to sew an elegant suit, to work them with a pair of bearable shoes, to feed them with an acceptable dinner. Yes, most mondialists are suicidal maniacs who despise logic! Post-Soviet sodomites are also no exception: being, like all humanoid, herd animals, they unite, submitting not to the estate or ethnic imperative (how they should behave if they were guided by reason, and not by hormonal impulses with their own egoism of childless wicked), but making your way to the ochlocratic plutocracy (the presently favored media oligarchy), they gather in packs, listening exclusively to their anal spasms, building their future on them, right up to the Russian presidential election: and Prokhorov belonging to the gay community with great regularity crawled after the head of his campaign headquarters during the presidential election became a journalist of NTV Alexander Krasovsky, openly declare their homosexuality. As many media outlets write, over the years, the businessman’s penchant for men has become more noticeable, it was once noted even by S. Mironov, on the air of the Russia 1 channel, saying: “Unlike ..., my orientation is ok” ( »[Xlvi].

Liberalism is a union of shabes-goys and gays! The transformation of domestic political demarche Russian Trimalchio in inter-pederastic is just as irresponsible before the future of the people who nurtured it, as its investments in the subsoil wealth of Eurasia in the presidency of the criminal Sarkozy are criminal (and how the “surrender” issued by the French orders by Nicolas Sarkozy for these “investments” went), or how pretentious it looks idiotic sisters of multimillionaire Prokhorov, who for decades have been issuing tribo-sodomite grafomania in UFOs, and also no less annoyingly kicking for her - nickel dollars! –– literary and scientific projects Russian mission.

It will take several more years, and, developing, through their trained borzopistsev, among the population of Russia, all the same conditioned reflexes of “liberation from patriarchal despotism” Moscow Trimalhions will start preparing for the next presidential election. Their task, up to the total destruction of the ancestral peoples of the Russian Federation, will continue: to methicize Eastern Slavs with Africans, delivering millions of congoids through Ukraine (the only purpose of abolishing visas between this country and the European Union is import, through Italy, of the population of black Africa into Ukraine, and then, to the east [xlvii]), that is to say, it’s trite to copy 2024 in Russia of the genocide long successfully carried out by my Western relatives with the descendants of the Celts and Germans, tired of their former will to power: “Es giebt Etwas, das ich die rancune des Grossen nenne: alles Grosse, ein werk, eine that, w endet sich, einmal vollbracht, unverzüglich gegen den, der sie that. Ebendamit, dass er sie that, ist er nunmehr schwacher, - er hält seine That nicht mehr aus, er sieht ihr nicht mehr in Gesicht. ”[Xlviii].

For this holocaust, my Jewish tribesmen have a powerful bomb - the religion of the sodomite sect, who fertile their savage apostles right up to the most remote corners of Russia. And suddenly the multi-billionaires Prokhorov will disappear - their place will immediately be taken by other Trimalchions: there is no irreplaceable globalist “system” - the ethnic core of the Caucasian race should be destroyed by a cross-breeding and pervasive perversion. That is the goal! - and who exactly will reach it, having become a Russian Gauleiter, has no objective value.

For all the reasons listed above, these warning lines, written by me back in the 2018 year, should be republished and analyzed in parallel by the Eurasian academic community [xlix]. And the closer the democratic sacrament of 2024 is, the more Russians - with the other inhabitants of the Earth responsible for the human future - are called to spread my свидетельства (in theological sense of the term μαρτύριον), which, for my part, I undertake to constantly update. Possessing unique access to police, strategic, internal political bases of the European Union, Switzerland and Israel, owning, in addition to French, English, German, Italian, also Hebrew, Swedish and Greek (and therefore, having official confidential, as well as equally important local information on Eurasia, hidden by the central media of the European Union itself, not only from China, Russia or the DPRK, but also from its own citizens), relying on the inexhaustible financial support of the sponsors of Helvetia, who provided me with ect matic asylum, while typing in academic journals all over the world - I am able to play off among themselves all the hydra's heads (and the average politician, professor, businessman ... sees no more than a pair of goals monster): I can not just disgrace ad vitam æternam vulgar attempts of any Trimalchio with its “intellectual” -Fortunata, but also to prevent the genocide of Indo-European peoples, and most importantly bestow the best representatives of humanity with invaluable spiritual and ideological super-weapons in the name of the planetary Dionysian revolution necessary for adulthood of the human race [l].

Anatoly Livry


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Si ce volontarisme républicain ne fonctionnait pas, il faudra alors que la république passe à des méthodes plus contraignantes encore. ": Nicolas Sarkozy, président de la république française (2007-2012),Discours à l'École polytechnique, Palaiseau, le 17 décembre 2008.

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[xliv] For an example of the union of psychopathy and total ignorance of the basic rules of the Russian language by the French “Russianists” - a speech on the radio by the professor of Russian studies, Regis Geyro from Clermont-Ferrand, not once corrected by his “blacks”. This is the shame of the professor of "Russian Studies" Regis Geyro can be stated: This is indeed (SIC! Even here is a mistake!) Great creativity (SIC! Not in Russian!). And deep creativity. Il'yazd is a person who was both a futurist (SIC! Not in Russian! Professor of Russian Studies Regis Geiro absolutely does not have an instrumental case), and Dadaist (SIC! Not in Russian! Professor of Russian Studies Regis Geyro does not have an instrumental case and other Russian inclinations the language, which a French freshman who is learning Russian is obliged to know, was close to surrealists, he was close to existentialists (SIC! Repetition! because Russian Studies Professor Regis Geiro does not speak Russian, he is afraid to use "more complex" turns, where - and Geyro it he knows - he will make even more mistakes ...), he fought against the litists, but he always remained Illyazd (SIC! Not in Russian! A literal translation of the French phrase: «Mais il toujours restait Untel ». In Russian, you need to say: "He always remained himself." The President of the Council of French Slavic Studies, Regis Geiro, has not adopted even the basic system of Russian thinking for many decades of communication with the Russians! Regis Geiro is absolutely professionally unfit not only for Russian studies, but also for philology as a whole). And then he found me when I started publishing my books. These books are livre d'artiste (SIC! President of the Council of French Slavic Studies Regis Geire is not capable of expressing basic ideas in Russian. Absolute professional unsuitability!). This person is very extensive (SIC! Not at all in Russian!). Of course, his footprints are everywhere (SIC! Not at all in Russian! Literal translation from French "L'on trouve ses traces partout".He knew a lot of people, a lot of people he knew (SIC! Went "circular nonsense" - a sign of schizophrenia), but still rarely talked about it (SIC! What is this nonsense ?! It turns out that the French "professor-rusist "Mentally incapable of expressing one's thoughts in Russian!). But now gradually, it becomes clear how all this is organically combined (SIC! "Connected" with what?!? Why "organically"?!? What is this nonsense?!?).

It seems to me that this is the most complete exhibition, but not only the most complete, but also the smartest exhibition (SIC! Again, not in Russian! Again, tracing from French! One can only guess what the French “professor of Russian science” Geyro wants to say, talking about " a clever exhibition. ”However, what can be sure is that it is in professional unsuitability and the charlatan impudence of the“ professor ”). See how all these exhibits are shown. Only glass, paper and wall. That is, wall, paper and then glass (SIC! Again, "circular nonsense" - a sign of schizophrenia). It is very simple, very modest, but very impressive. There is nothing superfluous, everything is very simple, calm (SIC! Again, not in Russian! What exactly is "calm"?!?). From all this it smells, so to speak, it smells of peace, a sense of silence (SIC! Again not in Russian! Again tracing from French! "Smells of a sense of silence"?!?), Silence (SIC! Again not in Russian! Again tracing-paper with French! "smells of silence"?!? or "smells of silence SIC"?!? Then you have to say "silence"), it is very pleasant to be here. It seems that all these books affect us very kindly and pleasantly (SIC! Again, not in Russian! Again, traces from French! How does this "affect good and pleasant"?!?). It is very strange (?!?). Now, today is a lot (SIC! Again, not in Russian!), Of course, a person (incalculability, it means “many people”, an illiterate professor of “Russian studies” Geyro!) In the hall. People shoot, photographers, and so on (SIC! Again, not in Russian!). But when few people (incalculability, it means "few people", illiterate professor of Russian Geyro!) In this room, for example, it seems that all these papers, pages of books, affect us very positively (SIC! Again, "circular nonsense" - a sign of schizophrenia). This is very striking. (SIC! A set of words. And most importantly, Regis Geiro’s professional unsuitability for the position of professor of Russian studies!) ”.

Here we have to ask the following questions: what nonentities do other functionaries of Slavic studies in France have to choose in order to choose such misery as Regis Geiro as the long-term president of his Council, deciding which doctor of science has the right to look for a place as assistant professor of Russian universities in French? How can such a “professor of Russian studies” Regis Geyro teach Russian?!? And why now the dead apparatchik of French Russian studies, Mishka Okutyurye, put his doctoral candidate, illiterate Regis Geyro, on the professorship of a Russian scientist, yes ... and did Mishka Okutyurye himself speak Russian without mistakes? Or maybe, as the work of the Polish psychiatrist clearly shows, just one nothing and a psychopath was pulled his older brother, who presented him with a professorial place similar to his (Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology, Red Pill Press, Grande Prairie, 2006, 248 p.)? For what purpose did Trotsky’s associate Pierre Pascal and his agent in France place professional professors and prostitutes on the professorial places of French Slavic studies? And then it's time to ask: how Regis Geyro is able to analyze Russian authors?!? And also: if you put Regis Geyro with French freshmen who are learning Russian, and dictate his nonsense to him (presented here in the transcription of the editor of the Russian “Radio Good”), then how many grammatical and spelling errors does the “Russian science professor” Regis Geiro have in each word ? And therefore - the most important of the questions! - how much undermines the confidence of every Russian university inviting such a “specialist in Russian studies”, Regis Geiro, who organized a center in his own department for his own “promotion”, paying 20 euros for a complimentary little article about himself in the media and Wikipedia, and who found a pair all ready scum?!?

And the most curious thing: as soon as a footnote to this passage, already published before, was posted on the Wikipedia page, originally ordered by Direis Geyro for 20 euro, it was immediately erased, and ... the same Wikipedia editor (right away!) Led the attack on Anatoly Livry’s Wikipedia page, wiping out half the titles of his books, and after this “editing” Livry’s Russian page was declared “autobiographical” with “excess quotes”. And then any misunderstanding of the name “Livry” on the Russian Wikipedia was permanently blocked (anyone can check it)! Consequently, the twenty-euro contract for the Russian Wikipedia page, this self-promotion Regis Geyro, also includes the revenge of Wikipedia editors on anyone who disgraced this “famous professor of French Russian studies”! Although ... it would be better if this “Professor of Russian Studies” Regis Geyro spent his 20 euros on private Russian language courses ... which this “professor” teaches (SIC!) At the University of Clermont-Ferrand ... SHAME!

Well, the “cherry on the cake” (as “Russianist” would say “russist” Regis Geiro): after publishing in Moscow Geopolitics articles by Dr. Anatoly Livry, summing up the existence of Nikita Struve (Dr. Anatoly Livry, “MIKITKA BUYER: TROTSKISM AND SOLZHENITSYN”, a certain Mikhail Yampolsky, another “Professor of Russian Studies”, just from New York, came out from under the far-off narratives, responding to this criticism in a truly professorial way, that is, sending his insults to the author:

“From whom: Mikhail Iampolski <>
To: Marat Avdeev <>
Theme: Alik Zholkovsky. “What a bitch all the same this livri, although struve and not the hero of my romance. "

After a brief search, it turned out that the American Yampolsky is not only a co-editor of the Prokhorov journals, like Undisputed stock (to which separate articles will also be devoted), but he also chose his excrement as a French translator ... “the great Russian scientist” from France - Regis Geiro, who is not able to connect two words in Russian. The union of scum, psychopaths and scientific scum under the auspices of ... - of course! - billionaires Prokhorovs!

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[xlix] See for example: Biryukov Sergey Vladimirovich, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of General History and Socio-Political Sciences, Kemerovo State University (Kemerovo, Russia) & Barsukov Alexander Mikhailovich, Candidate of Political Sciences, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Politics and International Relations, Siberian Institute of Management - Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) “ANATOLY LIEVRY: FROM LITERATURE STUDIES - TO UNDERSTANDING MODERN SOCIO-CULTURAL PROCESSES”, BULLETIN OF KEMEROVO STATE UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE AND ARTS JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL AND APPLIED RESEARCHES, Journal of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), N ° 44 / 2018, c. 27-33.

[l] See for example: Dr Anatoly Livry, "L'hymne homérique À Hermès : un Évangile météorologique ”, in the process of publication.

Anatoly Livry

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