Artem Birlov

For the right about the left. Part of 1

This text is the first sign of a large study of left currents and trends of the left environment in Russia, Europe and the world. In our studies, we will first of all rely on real facts, and not on theory and postulation. The purpose of the study ...

Is isolation good for Russia?

What now looms on the horizon is the ghost of bad autarky for Russia. We are leaving, we are leaving not to forge the intergalactic fleet, not to grow trillions of tons of rye and not to make film masterpieces. We are leaving, so we are silent. To completely disappeared. AND...

About human cycles

Humanity develops according to cycles. Global projects are being replaced by regional and local projects. At the same time, the existence of parallel projects is different, and at each stage, artifacts of the previous rounds of the cycle accumulate.

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