Dmitry Orlov

Glory to Russia!

In order not to say our enemies and opponents, looking at our football players and our fans - it's just an empty air shake. The Russians showed their abilities and it's fine.

How to Reanimate a Right-Conservative Movement

Who is to blame and what to do - the eternal questions of the Russian national movement. To answer the question of who is to blame for the failures of the right-conservative movement, one can immediately and without conspiracy: they are not Masons, they are not reptilians and not even Novgorodians.

Purpose: New Europe

A state claiming to be a world power, but not having a higher purpose, is like a ship, which is not known where it is sailing, and, therefore, can sail until it runs out of provisions or it does not run aground.

From Crimea to Trump

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States have become historical facts. But could anyone have thought a few years ago that such things could happen?

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