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Why did we come to a split?

The reasons for today's split in the Orthodox world are political. There is no heresy, there are no attempts to interpret the Holy Scriptures differently or to tear down the canons. There is only cowardice, greed and cowardice. Once Tsar Grad, Constantinople, was a cultural and ...

Political Parties of the Visegrad Four

Today, individual states are forced to exist in close interaction with each other, in this regard, the role of globalization as a higher kind of integration is growing. The basis of interstate political integration is often a coincidence ...

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen, brothers!

Yes, under the banners of Our Savior Not Made by Hands, our ancestors were born and died, they forged their souls, took and handed over the cities, suffered and rejoiced, trampled on the same banners, and then carefully repaired and again took into the calloused hands.

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