On the importance of Orthodoxy for the future of Russia

Discussion with nationalist atheists, who do not consider the faith and the Orthodox Church to be a significant element in the formation of the Russian national state.

On the alliance of right and left in the fight against globalism

An excuse to talk about a very important, extremely popular and equally harmful idea: “not the right against the left, but the populists against the elite”.

It may do it

There are various philosophical concepts that represent our world as a set of similar things to themselves, each other and the universe of things.

7 reasons why Little Russians are cooler than Ukrainians

Certainly, for the XX century and a bit of the XXI-st, Ukrainians did not come a bit closer to the achievements of the Little Russians.

Communist is lying

On the consequences of the Soviet period for Russian demography

For what I hate the Russian opposition

“To be honest, I can not stand the non-systemic opposition in Russia. Not individual people, of course, and not even individual political movements, but in general - as a phenomenon. But it all started very differently ... "

101 anniversary of the October Revolution

More than 100 years have passed since the beginning of those terrible events that occurred in November 1917 of the year, but the bloody echoes of the past still excite the consciousness of the inhabitants of modern Russia and the descendants of White Emigration.

She is a vino-chan, you are a reactionary. What to do?

She has a Polaroid camera in her Fjällräven backpack, she wears textured sweaters and pastel shirts tucked into jeans. She has, if you remember, colored hair, most likely clipped under a square, round glasses, make-up to the color of hickeys and, it seems, a hell of low self-esteem ...

Sanity test

How to identify a mentally ill person among normal people?

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