King cancels 282

In connection with the coming softening of 282, the surprised party-goers, of course, began to crawl out, “wow, that with a king something is done. For us, nothing surprising in this ...

Rite of the Sacred Crowning of the Russian Autocrats

On the eve of the solemn day of the coronation, both in the main Uspensky, and in other cathedrals and churches throughout Moscow, an afternoon prayer was sent at four o'clock with a ringing, and by the evening ...

Formation of Russian musical identity: "Russian Five" and Tchaikovsky

In 19 century, Russia saw the birth of its great composers. The most significant of them were members of the Group of Five - Miliy Balakirev, Cesar Cui, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky ...


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