Patterns of attitude to the west it is time to send to the dump

The transition period of European chaos presents enormous opportunities. The Russians, on the other hand, need to see and take advantage of them, instead of focusing on outdated patterns of behavior ...

The Tercets of the Maidens of the Montserrat

As the Left moves on the heroes of Spain, you can study these same heroes. Earlier we wrote about General Cape de Llano in Seville, not to mention Franco himself, and this time the Catalans ...

The Polish legionaries in Siberia are the "horned devils" of Admiral Kolchak.

By the beginning of the revolutionary upheavals in the eastern part of European Russia, Siberia and the Urals, a fairly large number of Poles lived. To those who lived there and before the war voluntary ...

Bias of human rights ideology

It must be remembered that the courtyard is a majestic 21 century, and this is not an age of progress and tolerance.

To all Mandela!

Part of Europe sincerely notes its death - how can it interfere?

"Great & Sovereign"

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