The book on serfdom, which you need to read to everyone

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Publishing house "Thicket" kindly provided our editorial book "From the notes of a former serf person" for the authorship of Fedor Dmitrievich Bobkov. Indeed, the book is based on the notes of the serf, Feodor, who received the will as a result of the reforms of the Emperor Alexander II. These records were collected in a single document by Mikhail Fyodorovich Chulitsky, a well-known memoirist at the beginning of the 20th century.

The text of the book is written in a bright living language, full of small details, creating the effect of immersion in the era. In addition, the publication is equipped with notes that reveal to the modern reader a huge layer of culture, against which the life of a simple Russian peasant lives.

We definitely recommend this book to be read. And read it preferably at the age of 20 years. In such a case, the strongly jagged dates of the reforms of Alexander II, and the meaning of the transformations themselves, will clearly be decomposed. In addition, the literary heroes of the Russian classics will unfold in front of us from the new side.

Thanks to "Bobkov's notes" we will see the full cut of life in Russia in the second half of the XIX century. Before our eyes, the life of noblemen and the life of domestic people (and with them peasants) is so tightly intertwined that the movement of the peasantry to freedom and enlightenment is often provided by the efforts of the "masters" class itself.

This book will open your eyes to the political realities of the life of our ancestors. Will present not tattered by caste cloth of the population of Russia, but will show the true wondrous pattern of relationships between different classes. This book will kill you in thoughts about the dark past of our country. If such, of course, still for some reason remained.

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Artem Birlov

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