How the struggle of Democrats and Conservatives deepens the split in American society

In the run-up to the midterm congressional elections in the United States, which will be held in early November, many American media outlets are writing about a “deep split” in society. An expert on CNN even claimed that the country was in a state of "cold civil war." According to publications and TV channels, Kavano’s appointment as a member of the Supreme Court and the scandal accompanying this decision only exacerbated the problem. Meanwhile, analysts believe that the ideological division of society existed in the United States before, but before Donald Trump came to power, it was weakly expressed due to the similarity of the courses of the two parties.

During the protests against Judge Cavanaugh, around 300 people, mostly feminists, were detained near the Washington Capitol.

Less than a month is left before the mid-term elections to the US Congress. They will be held against the background of a deep split in American society, which began to manifest itself clearly during the presidential race 2016 of the year and the opposition of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This split was significantly aggravated by recent events, in particular, the appointment of one of nine judges to the Supreme Court of Brett Cavanaugh. After his candidacy was proposed for the post, Cavano was nominated accusations of sexual sex, and the crime allegedly took place more than 30 years ago. The scandal caused by these accusations, intensified the split between the supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties.

A number of American media released materials claiming that the victory of the Republicans in advancing Kavano to the US Supreme Court would plunge the country into political turmoil

"The deep split: the struggle for the appointment of Kavano exposes the acute problems of American society," writes The Guardian.
"America is divided in two, and its halves are not destined to once again become a single whole," the material under this headline released The Business Times.
"The appointment of Brett Kavano as a member of the Supreme Court did not put an end to this battle, but only hardened her," writes USA Today.

Well-known journalist Karl Bernstein, who became famous for his coverage of the Watergate scandal, said that American society was in a state of "cold civil war."

“We need to understand what these events mean in a wider context. And they say that our country is in a state of cold civil war. Muller’s investigation and Cavanaugh’s nomination are analogous to the Gettysburg and Entityma battles. These are the most important battles of the cold civil war. Both the Democrats and the Republicans, unfortunately, perfectly understand this and take advantage of the situation ”,

- said Bernstein on CNN.

The stranger among his

The internal political split has affected those whose duty is to cover political events in an impartial manner. We are talking about the American media. So, KTTC-TV journalist James Banner, who was reporting from a rally of Donald Trump's supporters, was fired the day after colleagues posted a photo on Twitter - the journalist was captured in a typical red cap with the slogan “America America is great again. - RT).

The journalist of the KTTC-TV channel was fired after his picture appeared on the network from a report about the action in support of Trump, on which he was wearing a characteristic red cap

He also had to quit Chris Long, a popular host for the evening news release of the CBS Local 2 channel broadcasting in the Coachella Valley in California. The leadership took Long off the air after he posted a post on Facebook in defense of Brett Cavanaugh and spoke about the failure of the charges against him. Soon after his removal from the air, Long filed a letter of resignation.

At least a dozen American journalists lost their jobs due to careless statements, especially on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. For example, representatives of Fox News, KSHB, The New York Times, Breitbart, Politico, New York Post and other media have dropped out of the information field because of their bias.

News from social networks

The popularity of political themes in social networks also speaks of a deep split in American society. According to the research firm NewsWhip, news related to a political agenda brings millions of views to portals on social networks.

It should be noted that on Facebook the most popular pages that publish political content are the Fox News portal and the public of the Occupy Democrats group. Fox is a pronounced mouthpiece for conservatives and Republicans, while Occupy Democrats promotes a liberal and progressive agenda.

The NewsWhip report calls both groups hyperpoliticized. The pronounced engagement allowed each of these portals to collect about 100 a million views, likes, comments and reposts on Facebook for 2018 a year.

It is noted that the distribution of politicized content lead groups and portals with a right and conservative bias. For example, in the coverage of the scandal with the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh, among the news sources on Facebook were Fox News, commentator Ben Shapiro, CNSNews and Betitbart.

Pressure on voters

The state of the Cold Civil War in the United States has always been preserved, says Vladimir Bruter, an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies. Today the problem is aggravated by the changing demographic situation in the country.

“The number of white Americans is declining, and with it the electoral base of the Republican party. It remains competitive at the national level due to the electoral system and the distribution of districts when delegates are sent to the House of Representatives. Republican and democratic elites have never loved each other: Democrats consider Republicans as nationalists, and Democrats Republicans as cosmopolitans, ”Bruter said in a conversation with RT.

Estimates like “this is a cold civil war” are more typical of the liberal press, which wants to put pressure on voters with politically incorrect views, the expert said.

The Republican Party will continue to drift towards “trampism”, according to experts interviewed by RT

“The liberal press believes that the more it makes such statements, the more Republicans will be afraid. Indeed, among their voters there are a lot of people who vote by inertia - they believe that this is right, and they don’t really like members of national minorities. When democratic and liberal media loudly say this, they think that they are putting pressure on these people and can shake their electoral preferences. This is pressure on the idea, "

- says Vladimir Bruter.

Given this situation, in statements about divided America, about the gap between representatives of the two parties and about the “cold civil war” there is nothing new in society, the political scientist believes.

“These statements contain an attempt to seize the initiative before the elections, to demoralize and discredit the republican electorate, as well as an attempt to impose their agenda on the whole of America. But recent elections have shown that this agenda is only for half of America. When Democrats talk about this, they also split America along the very line where it is split now, ”says Vladimir Bruter.

Pressure tools

The split in American society existed before, but was not so vividly expressed, according to expert of the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, American political scientist Konstantin Blokhin.

“This is a feature and a distinctive feature of America ... Obviously, the process of approving a judge to the Supreme Court reflected the state of the US political system. However, before Trump there was a feeling that the political system was moving almost towards one-party system: there were almost no differences between the parties, especially in foreign policy, ”the expert explained in an interview with RT.

The appearance in the political life of the country Donald Trump has stepped up a long overdue ideological confrontation on domestic policy issues, said Konstantin Blokhin.

“Now, obviously, conservatives will adopt the ideology of Trump - to practice the use of tariffs, protectionism, to rely on white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Such a guideline in the future will have a negative effect, because by the middle of the 21st century, according to all forecasts, white Americans will become a minority. So, the electorate will shrink too, ”the political scientist says.

And the Democratic electorate is much less active in the course of the voting itself, so talk of a “civil war” is intended to motivate supporters of the democratic party to be more active, Blokhin said.

“We must somehow make them go to the polls. This media alarm is a tool by which the Democrats want to get their undisciplined and unorganized voters to vote correctly. In the future, the democratic party will assume a more left-wing character, and then the differences will become even greater, ”concluded Konstantin Blokhin.



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