Rite of the Sacred Crowning of the Russian Autocrats

On the evening of the solemn day of coronation, both in the main Assumption, and in other cathedrals and churches throughout Moscow they sent an afternoon prayer at four o'clock with a ring, and in the evening a vigil. Their Imperial Majesties with the Most High Surname are pleased to listen to the all-night vigil at the Savior behind the Golden Grid, where the rule for Communion is read.

On the very day of the coronation, when the start of the celebration was announced by twenty-one gunshots, begins from the Uspensky Cathedral of the bells to a large bell, then to other sorting, as is usually the case for the procession. Synodal members and bishops with bishops and other clergy gather in the cathedral and make a prayer for the long-term health of His Imperial Majesty. And at the end of the prayer and hours of liturgical waiting in the sacred robes of the coming of Their Imperial Majesties.

When the procession begins, there is a ringing in all the bells.

When the royal regalia approaches the southern doors of the cathedral church, all the bishops and other clergymen in sacred attire leave the church on the porch and pay tribute to honoring the incense and sprinkling with Holy water.

Upon the introduction of regalia into the church, the bishops with other clergy are expected at the place of the arrival of Their Majesties outside the church, and when Her Majesty approaches the church porch, the first bishop delivers a speech and brings a blessing Cross, while the other sprinkles with holy water.

Then, in the preceding of the same hierarchs and clergy and singing psalms “Mercy and judgment will I praise thee, Lord,” Their Imperial Majesties enter the church and, after triple worship before the Royal Doors, are applied to the Holy local icons, and then follow to the local icons prepared under the canopy of the throne and seated on His Imperial thrones. The bishops and other spiritual become from the steps of the throne to the Royal Doors on both sides. At that time, the ringing stops.

At the end of the singing of the psalm and at the termination of the sound of the bell, the first hierarch, coming to the pulpit, speaks to His Majesty the following speech:

"The pious Grand Sovereign is our Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia! By the good will of God, and the action of the Holy and All-Binding Spirit, and by now your conscience has the crowning of the Imperial Your Majesty in this holy temple, and the anointing from the holy world; for the sake of the custom of the ancient Christian monarchs and Your God-Ancestors, may Your Majesty deign in the ears of your faithful subjects to confess to the Orthodox-Catholic Faith, what faith? "

And, having said this, he brings an open book in front of His Majesty's face, holding it in his hands.

His Majesty reads the Holy Symbol of the Orthodox Faith by the bishop.

Upon reading the Symbol, the same bishop calls out to His Majesty: "The grace of the Holy Spirit be with you, Amen," and the other bishops secretly say the same.

A litany begins, on which, together with the usual prayer petitions, a prayer for the Crowned Monarch is offered: “On the hedgehog, he will be blessed to His royal wedding by the blessing of the King and Lord Ruling; About the hedgehog to be the scepter to His right hand the Most High; about that the anointment of the All-Holy World, accepting to Him from heaven to rule and justice, strength and wisdom; about that he should receive to Him a benevolent all and a long reign; May the Lord hear him on the day of sorrow, and protect his name, the God of God, Jacob; for he will send him help from the Holy One, and from Zion he will intercede on him; For the Lord will give him after his heart, and all his counsel will be fulfilled. supposedly his subordinate courts are inconvenient and unpleasant to preserve; that God the Lord always strengthens His weapon; About will subdue under the nose of His every enemy and adversary; about he is blessed to the Royal Wedding and the Wife of His Pious Empress Empress by the blessing of His King reigning and Lord of Lords. "

In accordance with Lecture, the Protodeacon proclaims: "God is the Lord and show us," and the clergy sings: "God is the Lord and come to us, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."

Verse: "Confess to the Lord, for He is good, for his mercy endureth for ever."

Verse: "I have ordained me in common, and in the name of the Lord I have resisted them."

Verse: "I will not die, but I will live, and we will keep the works of the Lord."

Verse: "The stone, which does not rest its way, is at the center of the matter; from the Lord this is, and is a wilderness in our stripes. "

According to the propeny of the troparion: "Save, O Lord, Thy people" is the reading of the prophecy of Isaiah:

"This is what the Lord says: Rejoice, heaven, and rejoice, to the earth; let the mountains open the gates, and let joy be joy, as the Lord has mercy on His people, and humble your people. Speech is Zion: Leave me the Lord, and God forsake me. The food will forget the mother of her boy, for she does not have mercy on the feces of her womb; If the wife forgets, but I will not forget you, the Lord says. Behold, in your hand is I covered in your hand, and before me have you been grasping, and soon you have risen up, you may have ruined your image, and those who have consumed it will come out of you. Lift up your eyes and see everything, all of you, gathering and coming to you. As I live, the Lord says: "As I am clothed and put on everything as an utensil for a bride, as empty and scattered, and fallen now will become oppressed from those who have moved in, and they will withdraw from you in peace."

Upon reading the Prophecy, prokeimenon:

"O Lord, by Your strength the King will rejoice, and Your salvation will rejoice."

Verse: "The desire of his heart was given to him, and I will not deprive him of the will to deprive him."

Verse: "You have foreseen him with the blessing of the benevolent, you laid on his head the crown from the stone is honest."

Then follows the reading of the Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Romans.

"Brethren, every soul who controls and obeys, obeys. There is no power, it's not from God: the essence of God is the essence of authority. Against the same opposition to the authority of God's commandment is opposed: the sin that opposes itself is acceptable. Prince Bo is not a fear of good deeds, but evil. Do not you want to be afraid of the authorities? Do good: and make merit of his praise from him: God's servant is, to the good of you. If there is an evil deed, be afraid: the sword does not go mad: God's servant is a servant, an avenger of evil in the wrath of the evil doer. The same, the demand to obey not just anger, but conscience. This is for the sake of giving and giving: the servants of God are in this itself abiding. Give all that is due: I already have a lesson, a lesson; but to him a tribute, a tribute; but to him is fear, fear; and it's an honor, an honor. "

After reading the Apostle, Alleluia three times and then reading the Holy Gospel of Matthew:

“During this time, the advice of all the Pharisees against Jesus is supposed to deceive Him with the word. And his disciples send him to him, from Herodians, verbally: the teacher, vemas, are true you are, and untold the way of God, and neradish about anyone else: do not see more of a man on his face. Are we afraid that Ti is smiling? worthy to eat dati kinson caesarevi, or neither. But Jesus, of his understanding, is their craftiness, and say: Why are you tempting me, hypocrisy? Show Mi Zlatnitsa konsonnuyu. They brought him a stitch. And the verb to them: Whose image and writing? And the verb to him is Caesar's. Then the verb to them is: Give the reward of Caesarean Caesarea, and of God the Gods. And when I heard the divisation: and because of his rest, he went. ”

At the end of the reading of the Gospel, His Imperial Majesty commands from the table standing on the throne with the Imperial regalia to take over the purple, which the bishops bring to His Majesty on the pillows. When assigning it, the superior bishop says: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

His Imperial Majesty bows the head, and the leading hierarch, shining on the top of the head with the sign of the cross, lays his hands cross on the cross and reads the following prayer for all to hear:

"O Lord our God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and through Samuel the prophet, elect Your servant David, and anoint him in the king over Your people Israel: even now hear the prayer of the unworthy, and watch from Your holy dwelling, and Vernago Your Great Slave Sovereign, He also favored you to set the Emperor over Your tongue, drawn by the honest Blood of the Only-begotten Thy Son, anointed with a graceful joy, wear His strength from on high, impose upon His head a crown from a stone of honor, and bestow upon Him the longness of days, bestow His grace the scepter of salvation, plant Him on the throne of truth, protect Him with the full armor of Your Holy Spirit, strengthen His muscle, humble before Him all the barbarous tongues that want to fight, His fear in all your heart, and to the obedient compassion, keep Him in undefixed faith, show Him The well-known guardian of Thy holy catholic Church of dogma, may Thy people judge in truth, and Thy poverty in judgment, save the sons of the needy, and the heir will be of His heavenly Kingdom. For your power, and yours is the kingdom and power forever and ever. ”

"Amen!" Sings a face. "Peace be to all," the bishop said. "And your spirit," answers the face. The Protodeacon proclaims: "Incline your heads." "You Lord" sings a face. The Bishop reads the second prayer:

"You are the only King of men, bow with us, the Most Pious Sovereign, to Him is the earthly kingdom entrusted to You; and we pray to Thee, O Master of all, to keep Him under Your roof, strengthen His kingdom, You are always acceptable to Him to work for You, Shine in His day. the truth, and the multitude of the world, and in his quiet, gentle and silent life, we live in all godliness and honesty. You are a King of Peace, and Savior of our souls and our body, and to You we send glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. "

After reading this second prayer, His Imperial Majesty commands from the same table set with the Imperial regalia to submit the Imperial crown, which the appointed to him is the dignitary appointed by the superior bishop, and the bishop presents it to His Imperial Majesty.

His Majesty, taking the crown from the bishop with a pillow, places it on his head, and the bishop says a prayer: "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen."

After this, the first bishop speaks to His Majesty in the book the following discourse:

“Pious, Autocratic Great Sovereign Emperor of All-Russia! This visible and material Head Your adornment is a clear image, as the Head of the All-Russian people crowns invisibly the Christ, the King of Glory, with His blessing blessing, asserting Your sovereign and supreme power over His people.

Then His Imperial Majesty commands to give Himself a scepter and power. The first bishop, giving His Majesty the scepter to the right hand, and to the left power, with a prayer: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit," pronounces the following speech from the book:

"About God the Crowned, and God granted, and God the Embellished, the Most Pious, the Most Autocratic, the Great Sovereign Emperor of All Russia! Take the scepter and the power, that is, the visible image of the given to you from Vyshnyago over the people of his autocracy to control them and to the arrangement of all their desired well-being. "

At all times His Imperial Majesty will sit down on His Imperial throne.

Then, putting the regalia on the pillows, calls Her Majesty the Empress and, removing the crown from Himself, touched it to the head of Her Majesty and, after the packs, placed himself on Him. Then a smaller crown is offered, which His Majesty imposes on the head of the State of the Empress. Four stats ladies straighten it. Then they are offered to His Majesty for laying porphyry on Her Majesty and the chain of the Order of Holy Apostle Andrew.

On assigning each of these regalia, the same state-ladies manage them. The Empress returns to her throne. The State Emperor again accepts the scepter and the power.

Then the protodeacon proclaims the full title of his Imperial Majesty * with perennial:

“To the Blessed, and the Pious, and the Christ-loving, the Autocratic Great Eurasian State, the Optics of the Crested, the Exalted, and the Autocrat of the All-Russian: Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod, Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, and the Art of Christ Kharis, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Nazar of Christ, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Nazar of Christ, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberian, Tsar of Austah Pskov and Grand Duke of Smolensk, Lithuanian, Volyn, Polish and Finnish, Prince of Estland, Livonia, Kurland and Semigalsky, Samogitsky, Korelsky, Tver, Ugra u, Perm, Vyatka, Bulgarian and others; To the State and Grand Prince of Novgorod Nizovsky Lands, Chernihiv, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Beloezersky, Ugorsky, Obdorsky, Kondiyisky, Vitebsk, Mstislavsky and All Northern Countries of the Lord, and Iversky, Kastalinsky and the Yaroslavl and all Northern Countries, the Lord, and the Iversky, the Yiddish, the Yiddish, the Yiddish Princes, and others to the Crown State and Holder, the State of Turkestan; To the Norwegian heir, Erzogu Schleswig-Eolstinsky, Stormarnsky, Ditmarsensky and Oldenburg, podderzh, Eospodi, prosperous and peaceful life, health and salvation, and in all good haste, on the enemies of the same victory and overcoming, and save him for many years. ”

And singers sing on both faces three times: "Many years". So did Her Imperial Majesty.

And at that time there is a ringing in all the bells, and from the guns set in the Kremlin 101 shot. Between the singing of the millennium, both spiritual and secular people from their places with a threefold worship of Their Imperial Majesties congratulate.

On the prowess of many years and the ceasing of the ringing and firing, the State Emperor, having risen from the throne and giving up the scepter and power to the upcoming, kneels and pronounces the following prayer to God:

"O Lord God of the fathers, and King of the reigns, creating all things by Thy word, and by Thy wisdom arrange man, Let the world rule in Reverence and Truth! Thou hast chosen Me Thou, the King, and Thy Judge Thy Judge. I acknowledge your observation that is not seen of me, and thanks to your majesty I worship. Thou, Lord, and My Lord, instruct Me in the deed, in My nephew He sent Me, and teach Me in the great service of this family. Let there be wisdom with Thy throne of Thine throne. Have you eaten from the heavens of your saints, that I may know what is right before your eyes, and what is right in your commandments. Thou shalt put my heart in thy hand to the benefit of the people bestowed upon me, and to thy glory, for even in the day of thy judgment I shamelessly render thee a word: by the mercy and bounty of Thy only-begotten Son, with whom thou art blessed, with the Blessed and the Best and the Saving Thy Spirit for ever and ever, Amen. "

"Paki and packs, bow to the knee, we'll pray to the Lord," proclaims the Protodeacon, after reading His Majesty's prayers. And all the future ones, except His Majesty, bend their knees, and the bishop, standing on his knees, reads the following prayer from the people's face:

"God the Great and the Wondrous, with inscrutable goodness and rich Providence managing everything. By our wise, but untested destinies, the various limits life and human cohabitation accept, gratefully we confess: for though not through our iniquity didst Thou make us, according to our iniquity, Thou didst give to us. Sin, Lord, and without law, and your extreme disgust, are worthy to be created. You, oh Uncountable Blessing, Gracious, Long-suffering, and repenting of the malice of human Vladyka, having punished us with a short visit of sadness to a visit, we have abundantly fulfilled the joy and joy of our heart, having justified over us the kingdom of Your Beloved Beloved, Your Most Pious Supreme Sovereign Our Emperor Russia: Think wise and instruct Him to pass on this great service to You, grant him wisdom and wisdom, in order to judge your people in truth, and Yours this estate in silence and without sadness, save anit. Show Him as victorious, the villain is terrible, kind and merciful and trustworthy; warm his heart to the charity of the poor, to the acceptance of the strange, to the offense of the under attack. But the governments subordinate to him govern the way of truth and truth, and from personification and bribery, reflecting, and all from You to His power, His people in uncharacteristic content of fidelity, create His Father about children rejoicing, and let Your mercy be upon us. Multiply the days of His belly in unbreakable health and indispensable well-being. Grant in his days and to us all, peace, silence and prosperity, the goodness of the air, of the earth fruited, and all to the time and eternal life needed. O merciful Lord our God, God of bounty and Father's every joy, do not turn your face away from us, and do not shame us from the hope of him, trusting in thee, we pray to You and we pray for Your bounty: You are demanding the same weight, and before and you grant all the gifts, and every gift of good, and every gift from above is from the Father of the Lights. To you is the glory and power with your only-begotten Son and the All-Holy and Good and Life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. "

After the prayer, the bishop tells His Majesty a greeting speech. At the end, she proclaims: "Glory to Thee, to Our Beneficent, for ever and ever."

Singers sing: "Praise you to God." The bell rings, and the Divine Liturgy begins.

At the beginning of the liturgy, His Imperial Majesty removes the crown from the head, giving it to those who carry it, and at the end of the liturgy again puts it on Himself. After reading the liturgy of the Gospel, it is offered to Their Majesties for kissing.

When the canon begins to sing, then from the throne to the Royal Gates for the procession of His Imperial Majesty to the Holy Unveiling and Communion of the Holy Mysteries, velvet is spread out, and near the Royal Gates to the Throne of the Church over velvet golden brocade.

After singing the canon and at the Communion inside the altar of the clergy, the Royal Gates are opened, and two bishops are sent from the altar, followed by protodiacons on both sides, to announce to the Imperial Majesty the time of the King's Chrismation as follows:

"The pious, great Eosta Our Emperor and All-Russian Autocrat, Your Imperial Majesty the Confirmation and Holy Divine Mysteries of communion approach the time: for that, Your Imperial Majesty will favor for the sake of the Great Congregational Church to the Royal Doors."

His Imperial Majesty will deign, passing his sword to the dignitary and descending from the throne, marching in purple directly to the Royal Doors. In His wake, Her Majesty, the State of the Empress, marches on. His Imperial Majesty, having become at those gates on the golden brocade, willing to give regalia bearing these. And the preeminent bishop, having taken a precious vessel, for this great cause, purposely arranged, and having soaked the precious bitch prepared for that in Holy St., anoints His Majesty on his brow, on his eyes, on his nostrils, on his lips, on his ears, on the lips and on both side of the hands, the verb: "Seal the gift of the Holy Spirit." And another hierarch of the place anointed with pure cotton paper wipes.

After the Chrismation there is a bell ringing and 101 shot from the cannon.

For all the same golden brocade becomes Her Majesty the Elderly Empress, and the first bishop, having dipped the same precious bitches in Holy Miro, anoints Her Majesty only on her forehead, uttering the same words: "The seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit." Another bishop wipes the place of the anointing.

Then His Majesty the archbishop's hand is introduced into the altar and, standing before the Holy Table on the golden brocade and making worship, receives from the First Bishop of the Holy Mysteries of the Body and Blood of the Lord Communion, according to the rank of Tsar, that is, as the priests receive, especially the Body and especially the Blood of Christ . Another bishop gives His Majesty the antidor and warmth, and the third serves the washing of the mouth and hands.

On the sacrament of the Holy Mysteries, His Imperial Majesty, rising from the altar, departs to the icon of the Savior. Then Her Majesty proceeds to the Royal Gates and accepts the Holy Communion in ordinary order, and the bishops serve in the presentation of the antidor, the warmth and the washing of the mouth and hands of Her Majesty.

Therefore, Their Majesties march to the throne and are seated on thrones.

When the liturgy is released from the bishop with the Cross, the protodeacon proclaims the anniversary. The singers sing: "Many years".

At the end of which they bring to Their Imperial Majesties the wholehearted congratulations on the successful completion of the coronation, both spiritual and secular.

Then Their Majesties march on the arranged platforms to the Archangel Cathedral. During the procession 101 is shot from the cannons and there is a big chime at all the bells in the cathedrals and in all the monastic and parish churches.

In the Archangel Cathedral, Their Majesty will be put to the holy icons and relics, then they worship the coffins of their Ancestors.

At this time, the protodeacon proclaims a multi-year anniversary. The singers sing: "Many years" three times.

From the Archangel Cathedral of Their Majesty march in the same order to the Cathedral of Blagoveshchensk.

In the continuation of the procession, the Emperor is pleased to be in the crown and porphyry, with a scepter and power in his hands. Applying to the holy icons, he gives regalia to the people who carried them.

From Blagoveshchenskoy Cathedral, Their Imperial Majesties march to the Red Porch, and from there to the inner chambers.

Spiritual await the introduction of Their Majesties in the Palace of Facets.

*) The title is given according to the last text, Highest approved 3 November 1882 year.


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