The policy of double standards and the planned genocide of the white population in the US


Actress Rosanna Barr

30 in May, the main actress of the record-breaking “Rosanna” series, Roseanna Barr, was fired for insulting tweet. “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes brought a child and it turned out Valerie Jarrett”.

After that, “ABC” immediately closed the series and also with one tweet. A number of the largest TV channels and streaming services, including “Paramount Network”, “TV Land”, “CMT” and “Hulu Not”, have excluded it from their libraries. Neither the actress's apology, nor the conservative-minded residents of the USA helped Roseanna to solve the problem. The situation took a huge public outcry. The actress was attacked by both representatives of the public and the largest media personalities of the New World.


American journalist of Korean origin Sarah Jeong

Beginning of August 2018 of the year. The American edition of “The New York Times” hired a former editor of “The Verge” Sarah Jeong. However, caring residents of the United States immediately demanded that the leadership of the media dismiss the journalist, as soon her racist remarks were discovered on Twitter. In them, Sarah calls for “abolishing” white people, expresses dissatisfaction with white men, criticizes the series “Breaking Bad, because its creators show the sufferings of white people and proposes to move the whites to the caves where goblins live because of their skin color.

Reaction “The New York Times”? You guessed it - they refused to fire her. The publication explained the behavior of Jeong form of self-defense, later noting that in no case will they tolerate such statements from their employees:

Poor ”Sarah was supported by the publication of“ Vox ”, by publishing an article explaining why she really isn't racist. Also to the aid of laundering the racist stigma of an American woman, her former colleagues from “The Verge” came running, saying that Sarah’s words were taken literally.


Black political activist Kendin Owens decided to test Twitter for a double standards policy and rewrote Sarah Jeong's publications, replacing the word "white" with "black."

"Black people can only live under the earth, like reptiles goblins. They stopped multiplying and will soon disappear. I like being cruel to old black women. The following statements - the words of the editor of NYT Sarah Jeong. I just replaced the word "white" with "black". "

Also, Candice replaced the word "white" with "Jew":


- nonsense. Like dogs pissing on fire hydrants. Cancel the Jews. Are Jews predisposed to burn genetically faster in the sun? ”

The Twitter administration immediately blocked the activation account for 12 hours for violating site rules. However, later unlocked it because of the pressure of users of the social network, who massively launched the hashtag #FreeCandace (an. # FreedomKendis). This support was not expected by the American herself, as she reported in the new message, attaching a screenshot with a letter in which the Twitter administration apologizes to Miss Owens:


We have restored your account, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Twitter accepts reports for violating site rules very seriously. After checking your account it looked like we made a mistake.

Thank you, your support for Twitter. "

In support of Candice, a whole series of the largest conductors of right-wing conservative rhetoric of the United States also spoke, including was and Paul Joseph Watson:

"Candice copies tweets to Jeong, replacing the word" white "with" Jew "and" black ". It is immediately blocked for 12 hours. Jeong's account is not touched. Absolutism on this platform. "

Public response

The policy of double standards in relation to conservative-minded residents of the United States once again caused an extremely tough response.

The first in the network appeared the image, which compares the entries from Twitter Rosanna Barr and Sarah Jeong. The inscriptions on the images of both women once again underline how mass media work in the country of the New World with regard to whom:

The cartoonist Ben Harrison painted a very coarse satirical painting, exposing Sarah Jeong in extremely harsh form:

As a result, soon the network began to appear various memes, ridiculing the policy of "The New York Times" against the journalist:

These examples are just a drop in the sea of ​​left-liberal propaganda, one of the main goals of which is the gradual abolition of the white population through the incitement of hatred.

The life of a white man in the 21 century can be compared to the life of the Jews in the first half of 20. And if we do not cover these problems in the media and we do not demand answers from the media, their end will come soon.



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