Patterns of attitude to the west it is time to send to the dump

After blocking Alex Jones, Svetov wrote an interesting thing - about the collapse of the American lighthouse of freedom, about the collapse of ideals. In his opinion, this is terrible, but I will say that it is great. It expresses the end of the old Westernism and the Western myth as a whole, its merger with left-wing liberalism.

The collapse of the former Western ideals is long-awaited and marks the end of a whole era when Europe went forward and had something to borrow. The same as Svetov, Egor Prosvirnin noted on the SyP in 15-16, being a convinced Westerner. Gradually, it became almost impossible to talk about “Western values” with a certain European way and to point out the existing Europe with the USA as examples if you are certainly not a progressive socialist or a tolerant multinational who are striving towards Venezuela.

There is no one more to point to an example of a progressive person ... More importantly, all this concerns not only for Russia, but also for the whole of Eastern Europe.

All processes in Europe and the USA in one way or another lead to a complete discredit of the Westernist worldview. Those progressive forces, on which the pro-Western directions had previously oriented, are rapidly and naturally turning into extreme leftists, ready to offer only a global USSR with total left-hand censorship, a left-wing economy and positive discrimination. The other side of this confrontation in the West is the growing nationalists, but they are the opposite of the Progressists and are themselves in search of a new form for European civilization.

We are too accustomed to living in a world of the end of history, where there are progressive Europe and the United States, which invite everyone to adopt their way of life, based on democracy, tolerance and social progress in all its diversity.

In this scenario, there should be only one path. But everything is rapidly changing. What if, in 2019, we’ll actually see a nationalist EU while the US president is Trump? Immediately both poles will change polarity.

This is a coup of consciousness, along with the fact that now the extreme right and the conservatives are champions of freedom, while the progressists openly demand global censorship and are trying to finally solve the European question. On the right side, personal and market freedom, wealth and security were at the same time, while on the left side, only “European values”.

There is no one to focus on, no place to turn to, no one to borrow ... And this is a good test, other Europeans are in the same search, who at this historical moment are simply trying to somehow preserve their countries and culture in the crisis that has broken out.

The old image of Westernism, which was oriented towards the supposedly better Europe for the last several centuries, must now die.

Anyone who focuses on the left Europe, now can be called an ordinary leftist and progressist.

True, there is also a way of supporting Europe right and conservative for joint defense, which opens up huge opportunities for rapprochement, which is hampered by post-Soviet anti-Western inertia in our society.

But this anti-Western rhetoric of the old model should disappear after the pro-Western - there is no longer any unified progressive west. Who are his opponents fighting with? With Trump? With Salvini? With white farmers in South Africa? With Israeli traditionalists on the side of naked terrorists? This confrontation has long lost practical and ideological meaning.

With all the support of discrediting the “pro-Western” progressive vector, it simultaneously carries this threat of complete anti-European and self-destruction, which in Russia is expressed in a specific anti-globalism and turn eastward to alien and objectively hostile associations and countries. Instead of a clear and unambiguous alliance with the right-wing Europeans, Russia continues relations with communist regimes, like Cuba and the DPRK, as well as left-wing governments of third world countries, from South Africa to the old socialist authorities of Brazil, not to mention China.

Anti-globalism, when it comes not from within Europe, but from without, turns into a weapon against Europe in an attempt to take its (and our) place in the world. It is no accident that the “anti-globalization” India and China became the main opponents of Trump and his trade policy, demanding complete freedom of their goods. Third world countries seize the market while the Europeans (and we are with them) are busy with internal problems.

The new western turn of Russia must mean the discovery of a new nationalist Europe, as well as the active promotion of its creation and establishment, instead of supporting the expansion of destructive and foreign bodies. In the new Europe, the active role of a long time tipped small countries of Eastern Europe, like Poland. But this position would be much more suitable for Russia, which it was already prepared for after the First World War.

Fortunately, there are prerequisites and readiness for this in the societies of all parties. This is a revision of attitudes towards Russians in Eastern Europe, and general Russophilia among the extreme right and compliance with Russian national interests.

The new Westerners should be uncompromising nationalists who seek to outdo the weak Europeans in traditionalism and help them find a Europe that we all want to see.

And Russia is actually making small successes in this area, for many years maintaining close ties with the extreme right in Europe [while not breaking up with the extreme left] and even with the American conservatives. Anti-Russian hysteria on both sides of the Atlantic and the dominance of left-wing anti-trampolists in the United States are temporary, and supporters of rapprochement with us will only continue to strengthen, while rapprochement is beneficial to both parties. The departure of the Russian Federation from a purely “anti-Western anti-globalization” course has also been outlined - the interests of Iran in Syria were ruthlessly sacrificed to Trump and Israel while preserving our own interests.

And yet we will return to the Westernizers the old. After 90, liberal Westernism in Eastern Europe as a whole was expressed in the desire to enter the progressive first world and become a part of this single global community, making certain concessions. This step has already been made, for example, by Poland and Hungary, Serbia is in the process, Russia was trying to do it.

Eastern Europeans were demanded to accept the progressive order, from the Serbs to abandon the unity of their country and nation, from the Russians from everything at once. A number of countries are still going to Europe, but will they have a place to go in a year, five, ten? What will the Serbian or Ukrainian liberals offer to the voter when Europe of nations stops accepting new members and all the more refuses to subsidize them?

Politicians like Salvini and Kurtz are not interested in subsidizing new EU members, just like the ideals of global progressive Europe mean nothing to them.

Eastern Europe is already abandoning too liberal a course and is returning to the natural state of moderate nationalism and conservatism.

Probably the end of other misunderstandings that have appeared in Europe in the last 30 years is approaching ...

For an artificial EU federation, an even more artificial federal Bosnia had almost a sacred meaning. But who will protect her unity in the future? For the progressives and neocons, Serbia was an enemy, and its enemies were allies. But who will continue to support Kosovo and the anti-Serb antics of Montenegro with Croatia? European nationalists are definitely pro-Serbian and the first thing they will do is destroy the terrorist narco-raklav, closing their eyes to the means used. All this is true for Russia with its post-Soviet misunderstandings.

The transition period of European chaos presents enormous opportunities. The Russians, on the other hand, need to see and take advantage of them, instead of focusing on obsolete patterns of behavior - revolt against the system and fawning in front of the same system. It's time to create a system for yourself.


Dragomir Nichlöting

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