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Commander of Rosgvardia returns the tradition of battles for the honor

You may be disagree with Zolotov or sympathize with Navalny, your business. But we definitely have to agree on one thing: fights for honor - it's very cool. Few things can be more traditional than dueling for a scolded name.

About this Lermontov wrote in "songs about the merchant Kalashnikov," about how a Russian man is ready to lay down his head in battle for his reputation. In the battle with Navalny, of course, I do not have to lay down my head - I think the outcome of a fist fight between a military man and a blogger is pleasantly predictable.

The material is not even about whether the fight will take place (it will not take place), and not about the just claims of the general. You can read the text of his appeal, if not yet - and try to find what he said wrong. Tip: this is impossible.

"And why all this? Because no one ever really gave you a kick. Yes, so that you feel it with your liver. "- so builds the opposition's motivation for his eternal enemy.

Here he is ESPECIALLY right - the fastest person in the liberal turns is not LGBT propaganda, not ribbon, not Ain Rend or anything else. The fastest infection is the lack of a fight.

Without a struggle for life, being on the verge of death, colossal efforts in order to protect themselves and the family, a man becomes a woman. Battles, overcoming mountain peaks, fighting with the elements and time is what makes a man. The absence of this, by analogy, makes a liberal.

Our ancestors had it all - they conquered Siberia, built the largest empire of the world, nurturing, at the same time, half-starving twelve children. And each of your ancestors would immediately fill the face with anyone for denigrating the name of the Motherland.

Their blood flows in you. Why do you let them talk about your land?

Next time you hear the causeless insults of your homeland - you can safely call a liberal to a duel. This is not considered a threat anyway.

The chop is returned to the traditional Russian cuisine in a general way.

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