Nicholas II. The reasons for the current popularity

Not so long ago, news was heard - in the ranking of historical figures of the first half of the twentieth century, Nicholas II beat Stalin. But more recently, various left-wing figures beat themselves with a heel to the chest and declared that “the Russian people need Stalin”, that “Stalin is the name of Russia” (although on the project of the same name 10-year-old, fraud was used to promote the name of the “father of nations” particular use of bots for vote wrapping). And it turned out that Stalin was not so popular at all, although, of course, he has a considerable percentage of sympathies - a little more than half.

The popularity of Nicholas II is not accidental - recently, interest in his personality has increased in connection with the 100 anniversary of the 1917 revolution, as a result of which Russia was left without a monarchy and almost died, and also in connection with the 150 anniversary of the birth and 100-year anniversary of the murder of the Royal Family. Last year, a campaign raged around the vile anti-Russian and anti-monarchist libel “Matilda”, during which a considerable number of people became interested in the very personality of the last Russian emperor. The film, by the way, failed at the box office. But there was a considerable number of clips, documentaries, books, etc., telling about the life of the emperor and his family. And thus, people learned the true image of Nicholas II - an exemplary family man, a loving husband and father.

Gradually, the myth of the “weak ruler” begins to be ousted from the consciousness of people. Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that under Nicholas II, Russia was actively developing, the economy grew at a rapid pace (Russia was in the first place), and the country was industrializing. The level of literacy grew, the standard of living gradually improved. In Russia, made their cars, aircraft, battleships, submarines. Russia was a country with a developed science, industry, art, etc. Russian labor legislation is highly valued in the West.

P.A. Stolypin

All this went on gradually. without various emergency measures. Is that to suppress the revolution in 1906-m Stolypin military field courts were used - and they were able to overcome the wave of terrorism. You just have to imagine what it was then. In the work of historian Anna Geifman “Revolutionary terror in Russia. 1894 - 1917 » we see a picture of the real war, the war against Russia and the Russian people. About 17 - 19 thousands of people killed and wounded were victims of this war by ordinary people, the defenders of the Throne and the country, while terrorists were executed somewhere around a thousand, nothing more. It was a war. When some young scumbag on the street could just splash sulfuric acid in the face of the city. When the bishop hired himself armed guards. When people in a number of cities were simply afraid to go out, and the policemen would step in to the post. When an official who had been in office for three weeks was considered a “long-liver” and congratulated. And the whole “progressive intelligentsia” approved it all, even helped the terrorists, like the same “petrel” Gorky, whom the communist jackals are trying to pull out today from the deep historical naphthalene, which gave the terrorists their Moscow apartment for preparing bombs. Here's how to just call it? And so, when Stolypin came and began simply to hang all this revolutionary evil, and whom they did not hang - they sent to penal servitude and exile, all this filth, all these "lords of power", all these "sufferings for the people", all those petrels screamed and yelled - "Nizzyzayayayaya !!! Saaaatraaaapyyyyy !! ”. These rascals began to demand mercy for terrorists! That is, it is possible to blow up a police chief with his family and random passersby, but it is impossible to execute this wild creature that threw the bomb. Hypocritically appealing to the "Christian charity" - and if it was Christian, was it to throw a bomb or shoot at a person? (Only Grand Duchess Elizabeth was illiterate, asking not to execute the murderer of her husband, but she was holy, and all this liberal intelligentsia demanded mercy for the terrorists and rejoiced when they killed the next sovereign of man - what bastards!)

February Revolution

And the order was established quickly and in the shortest possible time. It was necessary only twenty years of peace, internal and external, as Stolypin said from the Duma’s rostrum. We were not given this time, having cruelly dealt with the tsar and the Russian people. Russia received instead of an effectively developing European democratic state with a monarchy based on parliament and local self-government, an industrial superpower and a stronghold of world piety, a slave-holding anti-Russian entity, a cancer that seized the body of Russia and threatened the destruction of the entire people. Yegor Kholmogorov correctly notedthat the choice between Nicholas II and Stalin is a choice between normality and extraordinaryness. And the people are beginning to incline towards the choice of normality. And this is good news.

However, there still remains a rather considerable percentage of Stalin and Lenin, these two criminals against the Russian people. But, let's hope that the spread of the truth about these two ghouls and the active opposition of the sutenist vileness will help the Russian people to finally heal from the Bolshevik dope. The recovery of the Russian people, the Russian society is happening, it is necessary to promote this in every way. And then we have a chance to become a truly great power, which Russia should have been.

Your Imperial Majesty, we are correcting!

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