The main problems of the right-conservative movement

I recently saw on the page of a character widely known in narrow nationalist circles a post about the “worthless current right movement”, after which I decided to write another text on a topic that became almost my personal symbol.

I will not dwell on the activity of the character in question, because the discourse of the "right-wing postmodernists", "psychedelic / mystical / esoteric nationalists" and other remarkable people from the same series is absolutely uninteresting to me. And he has nothing to do with politics.

I'm just amused that similar representatives of the "movement" seem to think that their intellectual masturbation is seriously different from the mournful talk about "cultural Marxism" and ridiculous pictures with Trump and that the search for ways to agitate with the help of the Internet can radically change the situation. A lot of such methods, which seemed breakthrough a year ago, or have not been realized so far ("cyber-nationalism"), or are not sufficiently effective (streams, podcasts, Internet activism), or they have greater success when no one is engaged in them purposefully (" right memes ").

The problem, however, is not that these ideas are bad in themselves. The problem is that the algorithm: the choice of the electoral group => agitation => mobilization of the electorate - is good, if it is a question of some Western democracy, but not about Russia. In the conditions of the political field controlled by the elites, paternalistic moods, the apolitical nature of the society (including people younger than 30) and the discrediting of all ideologies without exception, political technologies applied in Europe or the US acquire a completely different meaning. For example, with their help you can create a fashionable youth brand called "Alexey Navalny" or a political secret "uncle of glory". But nothing more.

To achieve something useful in Russia, it is necessary to practice-oriented creative work: civic activism, projects to improve infrastructure and the introduction of new technologies in production, participation in elections of all levels, economic proposals, etc. This should be the ultimate goal of anyone who really wants to help fellow citizens, rather than earning points for personal purposes. And it is with this that the main problems of the movement are connected at the moment. (In fact, little has changed since I wrote "Analyzing the Rights ..." - the problems identified in it did not lose their relevance, but there I spoke about them rather vaguely, as I could. the main thing and consider it in detail.)

The problem of 1: project activity. Or rather its absence. She is engaged, literally: Party of the Growth, LDPR, Mikhail Butrimov. Well, Dugin is still, although it is much more appropriate to look in the second paragraph. In the rest, interesting projects are encountered, but their appearance is unsystematic, and the level is often low. For the most part, the right follow the sad tradition of the Russian intelligentsia, described by Boris Dubin and Lev Gudkov in the book "The Intelligentsia. Notes on literary and political illusions ": they think abstractly, globally, taking the position of the chief as a starting point - at the level" how the state should help Russian abroad, "when even a patriotic fund for helping Russian people who want to return to their homeland does not exist.

The problem of 2: political philosophy. Or her lack of system. Just look at the Marxists: they are constantly engaged in the systematization of the ideological base and the reproduction of the intellectual tradition. It is enough to join any local circle - and there even the most intelligent of its regulars will lay out all the basic provisions and works for you, and sometimes their transfer to modern realities. (Maybe this is some kind of ideal picture, given the crisis in which the left movement is, but the makings of what I'm talking about are exactly there.) And what to rely on, for example, the Russian conservative? If we open Ilyin and see how he applies the formula "state - a single organism" to Russia, then we will see the socioeconomic picture of the middle of the twentieth century. Since then, a lot has changed: the structure of society has changed, the Russian and world problems have emerged, new markets have appeared, the importance of production directions has decreased or increased. But Russian conservatism has not changed. There is also no hint of a system in which the place of every serious conservative thinker would be clearly defined and which could be expanded and reinterpreted in our day. Moreover, sometimes systemicity is absent even at the level of a single thinker - to take at least the same Ilyin. In this regard, it would be good to mention Dugin from our contemporaries, whom she still has; but as you and I can see, in one "multipolar world" you will not go far.

The 3 Problem: Political Analytics. And who seriously is engaged in it, if to judge? Conservative think tank "The Russian Idea", Portal Political Science, Internet publication "Sputnik and Pogrom" and the group "Belogvardeets". Apart from the endless search for "supervised" and "managed" nationalists, who are concerned about some of the characters, everyone else is inclined to analyze events in Russia or the world occasionally and unwillingly and often - just badly ("left-wing liberals from the LPR," "Communist Dugin," " Neo-Bolshevik government, "" Russian nationalist Navalny "- what kind of pearls you will not hear). On the forecast and the same is ridiculous.

The 4 problem: civil activism. To put it mildly, underestimated by the right - even those few who really do not care about their people - the scope of activity. Sending complaints to officials and checking their work within the framework of the "Civil Patrol" is not worth much effort or much time. However, even once a month to clean with a volunteer squad garbage from some small river in your city is worth a little effort. And you get a positive result almost instantly. However, in addition to the aforementioned GP, there are only two associations known to me, systematically engaged in civic activism, the nuclei of which are people of right-wing views: the "Alternative" movement that helps people out of slavery, and the monarchist "Call of the people", unfortunately, infopole of various kinds of marginalism. But they are also much less valued than idiots from the project "Decommunization" or "Russian Identarians" engaged in absolutely useless things.

The problem of 5: Russian culture. Ironically, people whose ideology is strongly associated with the reproduction of Russian culture, are more interested in Jewish and American. Since the very beginning of the "Memory" society, there has not even been a meaningful, structured and presented to the modern public a huge emigrant heritage, but somehow we learned about the Russian comic book that was kept for many years in the territory of the former Yugoslavia only a year ago.

Each of these problems must be solved and the sooner the better. Time to the new global changes that will test every ideology on the strength, almost no more.

Vladislav Maksimov

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