Why do communists hate Russians?

These days, the Communists celebrate the centenary of the Komsomol or Komsomol - the organization, the main symbol of which was Vladimir Lenin. Across the country, they will gather to lay flowers at his monuments, sigh about their youth, and on Monday the so-called "festivities" will be held at the mausoleum, where their idol embalmed lies.

The saddest thing about all this is that many communists in Russia are Russians by nationality. Especially for them, we prepared several quotes by the leader of the world proletariat about us Russians.

For example, here’s a quote from his records dated 11 August 1918:

"Ivashek" need to fool. Without fooling "Ivashek" we will not seize power. " And I don’t care about Russia ...

It is interesting to know, and the current descendants of "Ivashek" understand that they are carrying flowers to a man who hates everything Russian and Russia as such? The bestial hatred of Lenin for those whom he considered his adversaries (and this, first of all, our people), was perfectly manifested in the methods he preferred to use to seize power. Here, for example, the instructions that the good grandfather Lenin gave to the Penza Communists:

The uprising of the five parishes of the fists should lead to merciless suppression. This is required by the interest of the whole revolution, for now the “last decisive battle” with the kulak is taken. A sample must be given. Hang (certainly hang, so that the people saw) no less than 100 notorious fists, rich, bloodsuckers. Publish their names. Take away all their bread. Assign hostages - according to yesterday's telegram. To make the people see for hundreds of miles around, he trembled, he knew, he shouted: the bloodsuckers of the kulaks were smothering and strangling.

Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova (Blank) - Lenin's mother

The roots of the terry Leninist Russophobia, like any other pathology, probably lie in his childhood. Lenin's mother, Maria Alexandrovna Blank, according to various sources, was either of German or of Jewish origin, with an admixture of Swedish blood. Her son Voloden'ka, who decorated the Oktyabryatsky badge, from a young age she taught to sincerely hate Russians and everything Russian. Apparently, the teacher Mrs. Blank was extremely talented.

Sources claim that his mother constantly repeated such phrases to him: “Russian Oblomovism, learn from the Germans”, “Russian fool”, “Russian idiots”. By the way, in his messages Lenin spoke about the Russian people exclusively in a derogatory form. Once the leader ordered the plenipotentiary Soviet representative in Switzerland: “Give the Russian fools a job: send clippings here, not random numbers (as these idiots have done so far).” It would seem, a stroke, but what a demonstration!

K. Marx and F. Engels

There were Lenin and other teachers - it just so happened that they were a Jew, Karl Marx and the German Friedrich Engels. Their Russophobia was also comprehensive and, as they say, verified. In their eyes, Russia and the Russian people were the main reactionary force that did not allow Europe to fully enjoy the revolution. Marx hated the Russians so much that in his notes from emigration, Herzen complained that he did not want Herzen to speak at the workers rally just because he was from Russia.

Slavs, and first of all Russians, Marx in his articles called “European cancer". There are wonderful quotes from Engels. For example:

As for Russia, it can be mentioned only as the owner of an enormous amount of stolen property, which she will have to give back on the day of reckoning.

And one more, about the 1812 war of the year: "Cossacks, Bashkirs and other robber mob defeated the republic, the heiress of the French Revolution." Anyone can find a huge number of other, no less vivid quotes.

In this regard, I have a question for the “Russian Communists”: if all of a sudden you did not know about this, then what Communists are you? And if you knew, what are you Russian?


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