How to make Russian Rightists

Over a few years of observation and participation in the so-called. "Russian movement" by many good Russian people concluded that one of the main reasons that impede the development of the movement are internal turmoil: squabbles, scandals, swearing, splits and other unpleasant things for decades holding Russian national consciousness in its infancy.

Some of these internal barriers could be overcome if there was an internal set of rules of decency. To date, the existence of such a "code" is impossible for many reasons - ideological differences, fragmentation, lack of communication, the absence of large indisputable authorities and certain "centers of power."

This text is not intended to fill this gap, but it is an attempt to reflect on how such a "Russian truth" might look.

I mentally share the following rules and recommendations for "internal" and "external" - how to behave inside and outside the community.

1. In many cases, members of the community are peers who have equal rights. Hence the vital need for mutual respect and courtesy. But even if some hierarchy is built in your community, this in no way negates the observance of the principles of these elementary rules of propriety.

2. It is unacceptable to deceive Russian people, insult, falsely accuse of something, and also slander your fellow-soldier. A Russian man keeps his word, fulfills his obligations, gives his debts.

3. Unconditional values ​​for the Russian nationalist are the family, the nation, faith, comrades-in-arms and own reputation. It is always worth defending these things.

4. If lawlessness and injustice are committed against a Russian person, and the more a nationalist-nationalist is involved, staying on the sidelines is tantamount to being an accomplice.

5. Every Russian decides to support the movement publicly and openly or secretly.

6. Participation in Russian charity or other material aid to the common cause is a sacred duty for every nationalist.

7. The best way to improve the image of the Russian movement is by example.

8. For a Russian person, state service or service in law enforcement agencies is not shameful. However, any denunciation is absolutely unacceptable and informers must be ostracized.

9. Not all Russian people support the ideas of nationalism and have a national identity. The task of the Russian nationalist is not to humiliate and despise such people, but to try to secretly or clearly incline them to his side as much as he can. Particular attention should be paid to involving young people.

10. Russian nationalists should not be afraid to give preference to fellow tribesmen in business and everyday life. This is how representatives of most other nations act and their example confirms that adherence to this kind of "prejudice" is fully justified and protects from many dangers.

11. Whenever possible, try to find like-minded people and try to establish communication with them. Having established primary relations, you should create a certain circle of trust with like-minded people. Having created such a friendly cell, it is necessary to promote the establishment of the Russian order in the surrounding area - to help the Russian people, to protect the weak, to prevent lawlessness and rudeness, to exclude the imposition of alien values ​​and ways of life.

12. To solve tactical problems, it is necessary to involve people who are not in movement. This can significantly improve the living conditions for the nationalists and ordinary people themselves, and also bring the goals of the Russian national movement closer. As tactical and situational allies, just neighbors and colleagues can act, as well as other indifferent citizens, as well as active youth, social movements, or other forces.

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