Bees against honey?

Will bees stand against honey? Nonsense! But the games of high-ranking and responsible persons, on whose actions the fate of Orthodox peoples depends, look exactly like that and cause at least bewilderment and disappointment.

We are talking about the chairman of the State Duma for the development of civil society, issues of public and religious associations, who is the coordinator of the Inter-factional deputy group for the protection of Christian values ​​in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, a member of the Council of the World Russian People's Council. 26 June in the Parliament of Greece in the framework of the 25-th Anniversary General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (MAP), the election of the President of the MAP, which was elected by Sergey Gavrilov, took place.

In order to understand the actions of such officials, their motivation, one should consider the geopolitical situation, the global system in which the person is the executive gear, and then evaluate the act of the hero.

If we look at the fate and history of the Orthodox Slavic peoples, we will see that world wars, targeted genocides, mass extermination of people, passed along the ridge of Orthodox Slavs. In these wars, the losses of the Orthodox Slavs are incomparably higher than other European nations.

We see how these people are methodically pitting against each other, where the religious factor is used to fuel conflicts.

The current conflict between the Patriarchate of Constantinople (hereinafter referred to as the Communist Party of Central Europe), and more precisely, between the Fanar of the CIA, Patriarch Bartholomew, and the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) goes beyond the two sides and goes to the entire Ecumenical Council Church. Its consequences can be catastrophic and, perhaps, equal to the great schism, as it was in the XI century.

Let us see how the CPC, whose administration is located in Turkey, and the US colonial policy are related.

Being in Islamic captivity, having lost their flock in these territories, the patriarchs of the Communist Party of Central Europe had to maneuver between different political forces and under pressure to make decisions in church government not always in favor of the Church. Now most of the Communist Party parishes are diaspora churches around the world, and Greek parishes are mainly in the United States.

Therefore, Patriarch Bartholomew and his church are by no means independent: they are a tool in the hands of globalist forces, the center of which is the United States. The PCV was used to deepen and maintain the Renovation Schism (1917-1946).

Now the conflict between the ROC and the Communist Party of Central Europe is purposefully and methodically inflated under the strict guidance of the United States. Maybe you remember the conflict situation when our clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church did not give Athos visas?

Discrimination against the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and, in general, the tension in relations between the Churches is linked to the fact that two years ago, one of the creators of the Ukrainian euromaidan, Jeffrey Payette, was appointed US Ambassador to Greece. Almost immediately after his appointment, he visited Mount Athos, but not with a pilgrim visit, but with valuable instructions (MC) to stop the cooperation of the Athos monasteries with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Mount Athos

Now in Greece and in the countries where there is a Communist Party of Central Europe, a purposeful information war is being waged against Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. So recently, the Greek public with great surprise learned from the unsubstantiated statements of a number of local media, at the high-lilykly level, that Russia allegedly sends "spies in cassocks" to Greece. Do you feel the same tracing applied in Ukraine - Moscow priests sent by the KGB ists in cassocks?

The decision to dissolve the Western European Exarchate of the Russian parishes of the Communist Party and their merger with the Greek dioceses just fit into the Russophobic and anti-Slavic policies of Patriarch Varfolomey.

The recent actions of Patriarch Bartholomew, namely, the intervention in the canonical territory of another Local Church, the anti-canonical legitimization of the schismatics, the anathema removal, raiding, ignoring the voice of the Synod of the UOC and the creation in Ukraine of the schismatics of the new "church" produce even more tensions and tend to split in the world Orthodoxy.

So what did comrade S.A. Gavrilov do?

So, a member of the Communist Party faction, comrade S.A. Gavrilov 10 days after the meeting of the IAO in Cairo, where his colleagues supported the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church to stop communicating with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, without informing colleagues, suddenly on urgent need, went on November 10 to visit Patriarch Bartholomew, where he attended a divine service and took the blessing. This is after the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church decided to break up relations!

S.A. Gavrilov, coming from Istanbul Bartholomew, gave an interview to TASS, in which the first, first of Bartholomew and Poroshenko, gave an announcement of the date of the so-called "Unification Cathedral".

This active husband had questions not only from colleagues, but also from journalists and the Orthodox community: on what basis did he fall for Fanar and what did he do there?

Later, in an interview with Interfax, he tried to justify himself, that he brought the position of the Russian Orthodox Church to Patriarch Bartholomew. There are very reasonable suspicions, and maybe a communist SA Does Gavrilov, not only as a courier scammer, work for the TsRushny patriarch?

Patriarch Bartholomew

The visit of comrade S.A. Gavrilova recalls the cooperation of the Soviet red power 1917 - 46. with Constantinople, when the “Renovationist schism” was recognized and supported, when behind the backsay of the holy confessor Patriarch Tikhon, secret talks were held on the destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church.

This visit gives backstage authors of the split to use in anti-Orthodox propaganda and manipulation to declare: "Not everything is so simple", “Influential representatives of the Russian state they do not share the erroneous position of Patriarch Kirill on the issue of autocephaly for Ukraine, and there is an alternative opinion in the ranks of the state men of the Russian Federation ... " etc.

In the Gospel it is written that the Lord says:

“Let your word be: yes, yes,” no, no; and that beyond this is from the evil one ”(Mt 5: 37).

Is it necessary for comrade S.A. Gavrilova firm and clear statement: “Yes, yes”, “no, no”?

The last time of the action of many deputies or high-ranking state officials, when they publicly declare any nonsense, for example, "You were not asked to give birth", “The state owes nothing to young people”, "While you pay the mortgage, you can take the children to the orphanage" and the like, they suddenly declare that they were misunderstood and the words were taken out of context.

Now Orthodox in Ukraine are being murdered and driven to stand in the Orthodox faith, to loyalty to Metropolitan Onufry, to resist the schismatic actions of Patriarch Bartholomew, we are called in for questioning by the SBU, opened criminal cases and watered with all sorts of dirt. I would like to ask dear SA Gavrilova, taking into account the situation described above in the Orthodox world, in what context should your actions be understood? "Bees against honey"?

Writer, publicist, doctor of theology,
Archpriest Oleg Trofimov

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