Delingpol: No to the Marrakesh Treaty!

Translation of the article “No to Marrakesh! - Tea UN's Sinister Blueprint forum Globalist Migration Hell»James Delingpole, published on Breitbart 9 December 2018.

The Marrakesh Treaty is a sinister UN plan, with which globalists intend to arrange a migratory hell.

“Marrakech C'est Non!” (“No to Marrakesh!”) Was written on one of Yellow Vests Posters during a demonstration in Paris this weekend (that is, 8-9 December; hereinafter it should be borne in mind that the article by James Delingpole was published the day before the conference in Marrakesh - approx. trans.).

It was, of course, about the UN conference in Marrakesh (Morocco) this coming week; about the very conference at which all countries of the world were asked to give up their sovereignty, their freedom, their identity, putting a signature under one of the most harmful agreements ever developed by the UN - under the infamous UN Global Migration Treaty.

Many countries have already announced that they are not going to sign the Global Compact. Among them are the USA, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Australia. The fact that even for such a state that was emasculated and enslaved by political correctness, like Australia, turned out to be impossible to sign, gives some idea how dangerous this treaty is.

But, perhaps, the shameful, capitulatory, nauseating and exemplary behavior of the countries that plan to sign under it gives an even better idea of ​​this. Among them - Ireland, under the leadership of Leo Varadkar, and Canada, which is headed by Justin "Bieber-in-power" Trudeau. Perhaps it is precisely those two Western countries in which they now least want to live, because they are managed by politically correct mama sons, who are trying to destroy the last remnants of national identity and replace it with a “melting pot” filled to the brim with pink bubbles; people there are looking at the rainbow, holding hands, all together, without distinction of skin color, religion or belief.

The United Kingdom also plans to sign the UN Global Migration Treaty, which is strange to the extreme - if you look at the specific steps that the treaty provides.

In essence, this treaty is a comprehensive plan for globalists to facilitate migration. Very, very significant simplification.

And we are not talking about such a migration, which you or I could approve. This is not about, for example, programmers who graduated from a university in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) could participate in the development of our high-tech economy through their knowledge of [programming language] Python; and not about my having to wait a few years in Singapore, or in Costa Rica, or in Switzerland, or in the United States, or anywhere else, while [the Labor leader Jeremy] Corbin will torture the UK. It is not about allowing young people, such as my eldest son, to come to Hong Kong, with its favorable business climate and low taxes, to make a fortune there. In all the above examples, both the immigrant and the host country benefit.

No, I'm talking about such migration, which almost everyone calls the horror: about the arrival in our civilized countries (from countries that are much less civilized) of whole hordes of men of fighting age, mostly unskilled and sometimes involved in criminal activities. At best, they will create an excessive burden on our infrastructure, and will begin to parasitize our overly generous social security systems, and in the worst case, they will destroy us from the inside.

This is what is happening all over the West now: caravans throwing stones, climbing over walls, covered with tattoos of [criminal community] MS-13 migrants are advancing to the southern borders of the United States. Gangs of aggressive adolescents turned the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, where most of the French kings are buried, into a crossroads between Lagos and Mogadishu. Young Muslim ghetto youth helped the Swedish city of Malmo become European capital in terms of rape and throwing incendiary bottles. Intrusive Africans follow you on the heels of the beaches and tourist centers of Italy, trying to get you to buy some unnecessary junk from them. The millions of immigrants invited to Germany by Angela Merkel are now making a significant contribution to the national statistics on murder and rape.

You would never guess what solution the United Nations found for all these problems. ... however, if you know the UN as we know it, you can still guess.

Yes of course! - the UN decision is to make it illegal to discuss these problems.

Here is the corresponding fragment. UN Global Compact on Migration:

«The goal of 17: eradicating all forms of discrimination and promoting evidence-based public debate to shape public opinion on migration

28. We pledge to eliminate all forms of discrimination, as well as condemn and suppress speech, acts and other manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, violence, xenophobia and related intolerance against all migrants in accordance with international human rights law. We also commit to, in partnership with all sectors of society, to stimulate open and factual public debate on migration and migrants, which will help form a more realistic, humane and constructive public opinion about this phenomenon. In addition, we pledge to protect freedom of expression in accordance with international law, on the assumption that open and free discussions contribute to a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of migration.

In fulfilling this commitment, we will rely on the following actions:

(a) Enacting, enforcing and maintaining laws criminalizing crimes against migrants committed on the basis of hate and aggravated hate, and training law enforcement officials and other government officials to identify and prevent such crimes and other acts of violence against migrants and appropriate responses, as well as providing medical, legal and psychological assistance to victims».

As an excuse, the advocates of this outrageous document repeat one by one that it does not have legally binding force [It is very characteristic that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia exhibited The condition for our country’s accession to the Global Migration Treaty is precisely its lack of legally binding force. Of course, if this treaty, among other things, was also binding, its signing would lead to a catastrophe in the very near future. But Delingpole is right - even without a legally binding force, he is able to do a lot of harm. This is a UN document - and the immigration lobby (which in Russia, of course, exists) will actively use it to legitimize its initiatives, trying to secure the adoption of relevant laws and by-laws. Sane people, both inside and outside the state apparatus, will have to make a lot of efforts in the same field of lobbying to neutralize such initiatives before the adoption of laws, or, in the worst case, to correct them - after adoption - approx. trans.]. Indeed, it does not. But supporters of establishing a single global government always use this argument to disguise their wickedness. It was the same with Agenda 21, adopted in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, at the Earth Summit. The participating countries subscribed to the Agenda, since, as expected, it did not have a legally binding force.

But very soon, it began to be based on a variety of green lobbyists and politicians, left pressure groups, and local governments themselves. They began to push their decisions, relying on this Agenda so as if she possessed legally binding force.

If you want to read more about the threats posed by the UN Global Compact on Migration, start with this Article Member of the London Assembly, David Curten. In more detail, this contract is analyzed, revealing its content, by Stefan Molyneux (in the whole hour speech).

Molyneux gives shocking statistics indicating the damage caused by mass migration - which naturally makes this phenomenon extremely unpopular in countries that are forced to undergo this migration.

78% of EU citizens want immigration to be controlled more tightly.

At the same time, 50% of people in Kenya admit that they would like to move to another country if they could (and, by the way, they do not mean Somalia and Zimbabwe).

In order to cover the costs associated with the stay of one immigrant (and Merkel invited two or three million immigrants to the country), 12 Germans have to work.

In 2017 year Swedish government spent on immigrants 18.6 billion US dollars, which amounted to 19% of the state budget.

Why does any country in the world sign a treaty that is so obviously directed against the interests of its citizens?

It's very simple: global political elites don't care about nation states, and not in the least interested in the opinion of ordinary people. In fact, they despise people so much that they prefer to forbid them to speak out, instead of hearing what people want to say.

That is why Yellowjackets movement shook France; That's why thousands of protesters led by Tommy Robinson took to the streets of London to take part in the march against Brexit’s treachery (#BrexitBetrayalMarch); That is why Matteo Salvini was elected in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary, and Jair Bolsonar in Brazil; That is why the president of the United States, Donald Trump. We live in the era of the world revolution. And globalists — represented by organizations seeking the adoption of a suicidal UN Global Compact on Migration (such as those sponsored by George Soros), prove to be inadequate to the era.

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