Who and why shakes the Far East

Once again, one has to say that the “opposition” in the methods of lies and manipulation of public opinion has gone far ahead of the state, which the opposition in these very lies and manipulations blames.

The theme with the imaginary “surrender of the Kurils of Japan” is a vivid example, like the one, forgive, the circus, which on this subject fanned the Shooters and people with similar climax thinking. “Before our eyes is the surrender of the Russian territory” - with a serious air, claims Strelkov in a program on one of the YouTube channels. Personally, I have only one question in this regard: do the eyes of Strelkov and people with similar views really see what they want to see (the trouble of our society as a whole), or does it consciously urge their like-minded people to see it from some mercenary goals, of course you do not want to believe.

The trouble with the "opposition" is that it is essentially critically marginal and can not influence anything, with the problem in the database, in the essence of the phenomenon and its psychology. In order not to lose the remnants of adherents one recipe - it is necessary in every way to increase their own importance. And in order to preserve for itself the meaning of its existence, it is also necessary to constantly generate significance. Otherwise, one day people will start asking questions, but why are we all all gathered? I felt it on myself when, forgive, Lord, I was involved in the party of V. Nightingale “New Force”. The installation was the same - to take any information center and unwind it from the angle that benefits the “general line of the party”. This is how the whole “opposition” works (although the state must also be recognized).

So it happened with the Kuril Islands. Despite the repeatedly confirmed position at the highest level that the topic of concluding a peace treaty with Japan should be based on Japan’s unconditional acceptance of the results of the Second World War (that is, belonging to the Southern Kuriles of Russia), Strelkov and others, excuse me, the “patriots” unleashed the topic of Islands of Japan, ”although there was literally no reason for this, except for the intensified negotiations between the two sides - which in itself is good. And neither Strelkov himself, nor his sect could clearly explain why Russia needs this at all except for the very ridiculous “Putin wants to legalize his capital in the West in this way.” It is symptomatic that the other opposition camp, the liberals, also picked up this topic, and in unison, it would seem that yesterday irreconcilable enemies began to dance to one common tune. They began to play along with some media outlets that lack either a good translator or a conscience.

Here are the words of Shinzo Abe that 2019 is the year for Japan to be the year of "historical milestones" some media interpret as "in 2019, Russia will finally surrender the Kuriles to Japan," although he meant the abdication of the current emperor and the rise of the new that for Japan really will be a new historic milestone. Or the media writes that the Japanese prime minister almost swore “the grave of his father that the Kuril issue will be resolved this year,” although he swore in the original text “to make every effort to get the issue off the ground”. Attempts to draw attention to the semantic inconsistency of the original meanings and the food that is fed to the public leads only to “including a fool” or arguing the level “well, the Chinese have given the island”.

Here is January 10 on the Yandex.Den channel “Hell’s Grandmas” which goes under the heading “In the Kuriles, the land plots were not allowed to be made into property”, which tells us that it’s no longer possible to take Far Eastern hectares on the islands (did you notice how the title doesn’t match the content? That's right, because most people read the headlines, without getting into the essence), and this, as you might have guessed, is "a sure sign that the islands are preparing for the transfer to Japan." The media, publics and channels immediately picked up this "news" and it splashed headlines in the news feeds. In fact, this “news” is already two years old - back in February 2017 of the year at the request of the Ministry of Defense, which is actively building military infrastructure on the islands (apparently, in the future to transfer it to the Japanese) the issue of hectares on the islands was canceled.

Then, when the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Oriental Development together outlined the borders of the “gray” and “white” zones, the hectare on the islands again became possible to obtain. Only now the area under hectares has become much smaller and concentrates only around settlements. Anyone can check this by logging on to the Far Eastern hectare site through Gosuslugi, which I did. Screen with white area attached. That is, the information that it is no longer possible to take a hectare on the Kuril Islands, and all the more so that it is impossible to register a land plot as property - again an outright lie, again published by some anonymous author, was again massively picked up by the hungry for the negative public and distributed by tape, channels, public, etc., as a sensation. Once again, without a shadow of a doubt, people have built in their consciousness another brick of a decadent-negative world view, without even asking who made this record at all. It doesn’t matter what happens next, literally right away, it makes no difference to people whether it is possible to take a hectare in the Kuriles or not, whether it is possible to arrange a plot for ownership or not - they will forget this, however, it will be postponed in the subcortex of the brain that “Rashka again broke through the bottom”, "The Kremlin sold us" and so on. That's how people turn off critical thinking. Over time, they will not need any proof that “everything is bad,” because they will be sure of this one hundred percent.

It is noteworthy that even after the unequivocal statement of our Foreign Ministry and the Minister personally that there was no talk of any “transfer of the Kurils”, the opposition public did not calm down, the planned rallies against the “criminal surrender of the Russian territories” were not canceled. That is, the point is not whether anyone was going to do anything with the Kuril Islands or not, but, as always, to loudly remind oneself, of one’s existence. I will even say more: the designated rallies will be held and these “leaders of the protest movement” will declare that “the criminal surrender of Kuriles failed only thanks to us!”, That “the Kremlin was frightened!”, That “a wave of popular indignation allowed to thwart Putin’s plans to sell Russian land !

This is a rather trivial method used by the opposition - an imaginary problem is created, loud performances are arranged, then the solution of a problem that did not exist (that is, the preservation of the former order of things on this or that issue) is presented as “our common victory”. Moreover, this rhetoric is already in Strelkova, which is reflected in the screenshot from his page, where he declares that "the mass character of the rallies will depend on the decision taken in the Kremlin." That is, literally, a person is already preparing the public for the future announcement of a “victory”, and later, even more, he can write down as much as the salvation of the islands, the preservation of the Russian land at his own expense.

It would be possible, of course, to refer exclusively to the personal position of certain individuals, they say, well, Strelkov wants to think so - let him think, for good reason he has already become a “talk of the town” on the topic of “all-protesters” and in general has recently been calling sympathy. It would be possible. If, first, not frank playing on the part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of provocative statements on their part, and secondly, the operational promotion to which this stuffing was subjected.

In the midst of the New Year holidays, the Primorye and another “Japanese” theme became widespread - a number of media and bloggers began to spin the story on the subject of Russia and Japan agreeing to build a “center for the processing and storage of nuclear waste from Japanese nuclear power plants” in Primorye. Petitions immediately appeared, the voter-up replete with mass mailings in groups about the next “criminal step of power”, that “In Primorye will build a nuclear repository for the Japanese,” “Moscow sold Primorye for Japanese money,” etc. In unison Communists, the Liberal Democratic Party and the "Navalist" rushed to unwind the resonant theme, terrifying the fragile psyche of the philistine. In society, another hysteria has risen, again based on nothing, on a fake, but no one has incurred punishment for this, by the way. The center for reprocessing and storing spent nuclear fuel has existed in Primorye since 2000, and is an absolute blessing, because it eliminates the atomic lawlessness that we inherited from Soviet times. An agreement was concluded with the Japanese, because they supply some equipment, and the import of nuclear waste into Russia is generally prohibited by federal law. However, even after official sources gave exhaustive explanations, the wave of “popular indignation” does not subside, because “we are deceived”, “an ecological catastrophe awaits us” and even this: “if this facility is built, then Primorye will not” . That is, while dozens of nuclear reactors from submarines simply lay in the water of the coastal bays - nobody cared about Primorye and somehow lived, and when they were decided to place them in a civilized place under constant control in a protected object, this “criminal power wants us all to kill. "

The scenario of the opposition’s behavior on this issue is identical to that of the Kuriles. Despite the official response of the authorities that the issue of importing nuclear waste from Japan is a fake, and the project exists precisely in order to eliminate the existing nuclear mess in Vladivostok, meetings were held against the construction of this facility. According to local media reports, representatives of DalRAO again told protesters that no "delivery of radioactive waste" is planned and that this is prohibited by law, however, according to reports from the same media, this is not particularly convinced people.

I do not know how sincere in their judgments are the people who attack society with such fakes, whether they do it purposefully or on the basis of their psychological problems, but where psychology really answers all the questions is our unhealthy society, ready to believe everything that is written on the fence and, conversely, fanatically deny all reasonable arguments. Moreover, to believe in the worst, to wait is the worst, to see him in everything and consciously discard the uncomfortable reality. In the book of the famous psychologist William. J. McGuire “A syllogistic analysis of cognitive relationships” logic and argumentation are considered from the point of view of psychology. The main idea of ​​the study is that the logic is subject to psychological aberrations, such as the filing of the desired for the real. People hear what they want to hear, and find what they want to see. This happens due to the exclusion from the consciousness of uncomfortable and unnecessary information that violates the desired image. Simple words - self-deception. What we are seeing now: society is unhealthy, and an unhealthy society is easy to use. Opposition camps of all colors have long lost their shame and play on the feelings of a trusting man in the street without a twinge of conscience.

However, the main question is still who and why regularly attacks the Far Easterners by stuffing and frankly swaying the protest situation in the region. There is a hypothesis that the same people are behind it, that provoked a political crisis in Primorye last fall and even that there are some conditional "pro-Chinese" and "pro-Japanese" influence groups lobbying the interests of these parties. However, you decide what to believe.

Konstantin Semyonov

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